Mining Equipment Testimonials: APT modular mining equipment


APT have always taken the approach of providing solutions to problems faced in the industry, rather than simply providing equipment, and we apply this ideology throughout our range from the ground up. A large part of this is taking on client feedback, listening to what you need and want and being able to produce that. We wanted to feature that feedback in this article, as a testament to our valued clients, the mining equipment and the hard work and dedication that comes from within the APT team. These testimonials are for the RG scrubber and over time we will be covering the entire APT mining equipment range. "The combination of the RG100 with the Knelson MD12 concentrator is an excellent match. Even the most stubborn clays are disintegrated by the autogenous scrubbing action in the drum section (assuming correct feed rate), and this plant combo is excellent for processing of eluvial and alluvial ores, especially smaller high value deposits." - J. Duguid (Managing Director, Stillram Mining Co.p/l).

Below is an RG100 scrubber coupled with the FLSmidth Knelson concentrator for optimal gold recovery.

RG100 Scrubber 

"We have been using the RG200 Scrubber to process bauxite at our mine for 3 years. This machine has been used on a daily basis, and handles a constant feed of 15-20tph. It successfully breaks down the tough clay content and thoroughly cleans any hard rock content within the feed material. The RG200 very successfully screens and separates our larger material (-3mm). We have had good after sales service from APT and are satisfied with the plant supplied." - J. Meikle (Director, Mina Alumina Lda)

scrubber mining

Above is an RG100 scrubber, and below is an RG200 scrubber.

mining crusher mining crushers

The above pictures show 2 APT RG combo plants on differing mine sites. The set up is neat and allows for seamless installation, commissioning and operating.

Thank you to our clients for your support and to the APT team who make it all possible!

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TT20 Small Scale Cyanidation Plant: on a mine site with APT


Here we are taking you on a quick walk and talk through of the location of our latest 1.5tph small scale cyanidation plant installation. Positioned near a historical stamp mill, the plant will be processing dump material through a mill and TT20 cyanidation circuit. [embed][/embed]

The APT TriTank was designed several years ago and adopted an unconventional approach starting with its triangular design. This results in more ideal mixing leading to superior solid suspension and gold dissolution and higher dissolved oxygen levels. The well-sealed motor design ensures oil spillages into slurry are minimized and thus metallurgical performance is enhanced. The design also uses a smaller land footprint and less construction materials. The Tritank can be relocated to multiple sites, reducing "mine-to-process" transport costs. 

These tanks have a wide range of applications and can be setup for Carbon-In-Pulp (CIP), Carbon-In-Leach (CIL), or Carousel operation. The mixing profile is so much better in tests and in practice, that the design has completely eliminated the need for baffles which present a large amount of hassles in circular tank operation. 

True to APT's style, the TT20 has a host of benefits in keeping with the larger scale TriTank cyanidation modules. Below are some of these benefits:

Indeed, there is nowhere to put them. The mixing mechanism results in more rapid leach kinetics for a smaller plant or a higher throughput.

This allows pulp flow to be directed from any sector to any sector, even from stage 1 to 6, without long launders. This allows any sector to be taken offline for maintenance, or the plant to be operated in carousel mode.

What is conventionally achieved through 6 separate, large tanks is now achieved through one tank sectorialized into 6 compartments.

The hexagon shape results in 27% less footprint than 6 circular tanks of equivalent volume (1/1 H/D ratio). This impacts ground space but also on foundations, bunds, decking, cable runs & pipe runs, & more.

To find out more about the TriTank or APT's range of modular mining equipment, please contact us here or email us on and we will get back to you shortly.

GoldKacha Gold Concentrator: Mining Around The World With APT


The GoldKacha concentrator was one of the first plants introduced by APT and forms the basis of our GroundBreaker range. Over time, this 3 tonne per hour gold concentrator and recovery plant has evolved in accordance with clients' requirements, environmental conditions and the current mining conditions. The GoldKacha has made its mark in various locations across the globe; used to mine for gold in the snow, mine on water and mine in the desert. Here are some pictures of this gold recovery module along the way: mining equipment for rivers mining barge

remote mining  rg200 goldkacha scrubber on site

dry mining  mining in the snow   mining snow

goldkacha on site gold mobile  

barge gold  gold bardge

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Mining Week in Review: frequently asked questions


As mining equipment engineers and suppliers, we often get asked various questions relating to our mining equipment as well as common themes or misconceptions within the mining industry as a whole. We often answer these questions on our social media pages, namely Instagram and Facebook, but incase you missed it here is the past mining week in review! mining questions

Q: “What recovery can I obtain using your plants and/or processing equipment?” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A: How well a particular ore responds to gravity recovery is entirely dependent on it’s metallurgical properties. We recommend carrying out prior mineral testwork through our associated laboratory, Peacocke and Simpson, before deciding on a plant process design as recoveries can vary greatly. The ore dictates the terms, and will determine the exact flow of equipment required to obtain the best possible recovery. Visit the Mineral Testwork page on our website here to find out more. 

mining sites

Q: We’re often asked to send a full catalogue and price-list for all our gravity recovery plants. Why is this not possible? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A: APT currently offers over 100 different combinations of machines/plants to suit your particular ore and testwork parameters. Hence we prefer you give us detailed information at the time of enquiry. We will then be able to select the most relevant solution for your needs and quote accordingly. 


We are continuously looking to update our website with information that is helpful and relevant to the mining industry today. Should you have any other questions, we are happy to help- simply fill in our contact form here or email us on and we'll get back to you shortly.

Small Scale Alluvial and Hard Rock Mining Equipment: APT RDGK


This equipment focus will feature APT's RDGK alluvial and hard rock mining plant, a small scale mining solution incorporated within APT's GroundBreaker range. "I have worked with a team to make the RDGK15 into a very competent gold recovery pilot plant. The gold recovery plant is highly portable and was run as a product/pilot plant. The percentage recovery of gold was greater than suggested from constant supervision of the RDGK15 hard rock and concentrator combo unit. The simplicity of the GoldKacha concentrator makes it a very easy unit to achieve regular good percentage gold recoveries." - APT client, Zimbabwe

In a nutshell, the RDGK is a complete hard rock gravity recovery solution, combining the APT impact crusher and GoldKacha concentrator in one neat, modular package. In keeping with APT's philosophy, the RDGK has been designed in such a way that you can add onto the individual components as you grow or as your resource requires. As such, there are several variations available depending on your requirements and affordability. Below are some of those versions including the Goldilox, incorporating the gold storage box, and the RDGK trailer plant for optimal mobility. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, we are always here to hear them so feel free to email us on or contact us here.

Below is the diesel powered RD15 Impact Crusher, with a capacity of 1.5 tonnes per hour. Completed and ready for shipment. As you will see, it has been designed such that the GoldKacha can be fitted beneath the crusher should the need arise. The GoldKacha has a capacity of up to 3 tonnes per hour.

small impact crusher

Below is an RDGK with automated and secure Goldilox™ system. A dry run is always completed before any plant heads out to site, with this one in particular heading off to it's new home in Southern Africa. The Goldilox™ system ensures there is no access to the concentrates generated during the run cycle. All concentrates are automatically discharged at pre-set intervals into a locked concentrate box sitting beneath the GoldKacha. The security cage and concentrates box are unlocked at end of day and the concentrate box is taken to a secure area for upgrading and smelting of the cons. The run time interval is pre-set by the mine operator and password protected. Goldilox™ also logs run time to allow owners and operators to see a record of daily use and total use. Combined with APT’s alluvial and hard rock plants, small scale miners are now able to run a secure operation on a start-up budget with the peace of mind, knowing gold recovered remains yours.

rdgk goldilox

Below, manufacture and pre-assembly is complete on APT's 1.5tph hard rock and spirals processing plant, built in a record time of just 6 weeks.

small crusher and spirals  

Here is a video of our trailer version of the RDGK, showing exactly how it operates.


Last but certainly not least is some outstanding gold product processed using the APT RDGK15 plant, with the GoldKonka for upgrade. The RDGK15 is one of our smallest hard rock processing plants, and boasts the perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency.

rdgk gold gold rdgk goldkonka gold

Gold Mining Equipment in South Africa and Beyond | mining week in review


This week we got feedback from several clients on their gold mining equipment, operating in South Africa and its neighboring countries. Seeing gold mining equipment on site helps create a vision for future mining endeavors if you are new to mining or new to our mining equipment, and we strive to be as transparent as possible while respecting the privacy of our clients. Here's a glimpse into a few gold mining sites, from our largest plant being manufactured at the moment down to the smallest. All APT plants follow a modular design. This minimizes costs as well as creates a streamlined, efficient and effective mining plant that is simple to run yet encourages optimized recoveries. APT mining equipment is also pre-fabricated, pre-plumbed and pre-wired before heading out to any mine site allowing for short installation and commissioning times while not compromising on quality. TriTank TT500

tritank tt500

  • An APT TriTank TT500 has taken shape! This is one of our latest TriTank operations, nearing completion. 

RDGK Small Scale Hard Rock Plant for Gold Recovery

rdgk on site

  • The GroundBreaker Range is one of our most popular, catering to both the artisinal and small scale mining markets. The equipment can process sand, clay or hard rock, and is able to recover a variety of different minerals. The modular design allows for the implementation of a small startup operation, onto which different units can be added as the need arises for you to process more, or different, material. The result is a small capital investment, the ability to grow your project through internal funding, and the opportunity to optimize and streamline as you go.

An APT GoldKacha Out in the Field in Zambia

goldkacha in zambia

An APT GoldKacha and GoldMasta Sluice in Tanzania

goldkacha and sluice in tanzania

  • The GoldKacha concentrator and Gold Masta sluice at a training facility in Tanzania, where groups of artisinal miners are empowered to operate efficiently and responsibly. Just a water and power source is required, and you're ready to go.

For more information on APT's range of mining equipment, please contact us or email us on We look forward to hearing from you!

Teach a man to fish – APT’s Corporate Programme range


Artisanals have a nose for gold, and tantalite, and tin, etc. They somehow find small rich veins and outcrops, mainly in the oxide horizon, and target these with great energy. The result is not often pretty and, more often than not, wastefully inefficient. Far more than just efficiency, where gold is the target it is also hazardous due to widespread use of mercury.

There will always be this activity and more often than not, whether it be in Africa, South America or the Far East the result is invariably conflict. We at APT are not into the politics of the situation, nor are we an environmental action group, but we care. We care enough to have developed a range of efficient, clean and viable options to give this group of miners a chance to operate and produce responsibly. Viability is the key word here, you cannot legislate for people to choose an alternative Building upon our experience over many years of dealing with artisanals, it would seem that about 1tph is the necessary and sufficient tonnage to support the group that must feed off the system, about five people. This will simply never provide enough income for growth.

APT’s range is built around the well renowned famous GoldKacha concentrator. This unit has been developed to be a stand-alone mini processing plant that accepts 1tph through its integral pre-screen and then feeds the broken down material uniformly into the concentrating bowl below. The unit comes with a scavenger sluice (GoldMasta) and a small upgrading bowl (GoldFountain) that can be coupled with the very same GoldKacha, bringing the concentrates to a panable product. All of the above equipment is also suitable for tin, tantalite and any similar heavy minerals that are the Artisanal’s target.

Specifically for gold applications APT has taken the bar even higher and has produced an entirely mercury free solution that really is simple and easy to use. The gold is first concentrated via the GoldKacha, GoldFountain and pan and then the gold is ‘picked’ with APT’s revolutionary GoldFix compound. The final stage to pure gold involves nothing more than the dipping of the gold laden GoldFix into hot water and there it is!

These solutions have been provided to countries Africa and South America, as well as Indonesia and the Philippines – a proven track record. APT is well placed to supply large Corporate Responsibility Programmes with everything needed to create a sustainable, viable, clean outcome.

Alluvial & Hard Rock Modular Mineral Processing Plant: APT Combo


In this article we're showing you our alluvial and hard rock RG Combo plants, ranging in size from 10tph through to 80tph. These plants can process both alluvial and hard rock material, efficiently washing, crushing and processing gold and bulk minerals, depending on your requirements. Below is a model of the plant, followed by the plant on site. This gives you an idea of the scale and streamline design of the alluvial and hard rock processing plant.  

Often you- the client- want to see a mine site operating with your potential plant. This makes your vision more of a reality and gives a sense of confidence and security going into the project. It takes away more of the unknown; this is what it is like on a mine site that could be yours. We cannot physically take you to mine sites, but we can take you on a virtual tour through our mining equipment videos. We have compiled a series of videos not only of our equipment in-house, but also on site. These videos cover the entire mine equipment manufacturing phase through to on-site mine installation and commissioning. To view these, visit our videos page here. Below we have included the video of an alluvial and hard rock mine site, as pictured above.


Let us know if you would like to see any other videos from various mine sites or have any other mining related questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Small Scale Piloting/Concentrate Treatment 20m^3 APT TriTank, the TT20


Since APT launched our small scale piloting/concentrate treatment 20m^3 TriTank, the TT20, several have been manufactured, installed and commissioned on various mine sites. The results have been impressive and we are very proud of this cyanidation plant! Here is more on this piloting/concentrate treatment plant. small scale concentrate pilot plant

Ores do not respect scale, the metallurgical requirements for a small project are the same as for a large one. If anything the demands upon a small project are higher because economy of scale is not with them, so efficiencies have to be even higher.

Following on the back of the huge success of the larger Tritanks, APT once again has designed a product to address the small-scale start-up market. The TT20 is a 20m^3 CIP/CIL tankage system and with advanced mixing design and higher oxygen ingestion leach kinetics are improved significantly.

By analysing the leach curve of the materials, the operator can make an informed economic decision as to the required residence times of the ore. In some cases this may be as low as 8 hours resulting in a 1.5tph throughput.

The entire plant is modular and can be moved to a new site within 2 days. With inherent benefits like smaller footprint, less materials, and built in carbon transfer the baby TriTank is the obvious choice for projects on a budget, but nevertheless wanting advanced technology.

This unit is not only perfect for fresh ore and tailings retreatment at small scale, but also for cyanidation of bulk concentrates, for example sulphide concentrates from flotation. The TT20 can be supplied as an addition to an existing system, or it can be supplied with the relevant up-front APT crushing and grinding modules to result in a complete processing solution.

APT- Simply efficient.

Wishing You a Productive Mining Year for 2018


2017 was not only a positive year for the mining industry, but a defining year. Affordable smaller mining startups were the new way forward and as a result many projects that were either stalled or dragging managed to get moving again. Market trends seem to take shape upon a far faster scale these days and those wanting to take advantage need to move ever faster. We at APT have risen to the challenge with several plant lead time records falling this past year and look forward to pushing this even further this 2018. mining 2018

Time is the new currency of the future, cherish it and be profitable. Wishing a good 2018 to all of our past and present customers, we value your support and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future.

If you are looking to get started in mining or are looking for an alternative mining solution, we welcome you to contact us or visit our offices to discuss our offerings and see our plants in-house. This gives you the best vision for your site and a feel for what we are all about. We also have an archive of videos (both recent and older) on our website here which you may find helpful.

Mining in Egypt | Around the World With APT


Mining in Egypt with the APT GoldKacha concentrator has proven to be a success as shown by the recent feedback from our client mining in that region. This particular Egypt mine site is processing material for optimal gold recovery and the client was pleased with the results. We could say much more about this one, but we'll let the pictures do the talking. mining in egypt gold recovery

gold concentrator egypt egypt

A previous client said of the GoldKacha "I have used APT's GoldKacha on a variety of alluvial projects in the most adverse and remote locations around the globe and they have proven themselves time again to be the ideal units for excellent recoveries in a multitude of applications. With their low operating costs and used in conjunction with the RG30 mobile configuration, the GoldKacha has been instrumental for assessing alluvial deposits and exploration. They are a must in any miners tool kit." 

If you are looking to go mining in Egypt for gold or other minerals, APT is worth approaching. We engineer and supply modular mining equipment catering to a variety of locations and environments, of which we will be showing more of here on our website. We currently have an archive of videos of our equipment on site or in-house. These range from recent installations to those dating back to a few years ago. This allows you to truly get a feel of what we at APT do. For videos of the GoldKacha being used on site as well as other gold recovery plants and bulk mineral recovery plants, please visit our videos page here.

Well done to the team! Thank you to our clients for their continued and valued support. We look forward to working with you.

African Mining Brief: APT's feature


APT recently did an interview for African Mining Brief, titled "Remove Regulatory Hurdles for Small Mining to Grow". If you are new to our website or the mining world, APT specialize in modular mining equipment, so we cover all bases from small scale start up mining, to mining projects on a much larger scale but in keeping with our modular philosophies. What we do is take away all un-necessary extra's and ensure you are left with a streamline design, engineered with your project in mind and the knowledge of what you require. The African Mining Brief interview was in the context of mining in South Africa within the small scale sector, although the same principles apply throughout the industry and beyond South Africa's borders. "APT is well-equipped to give budding entrepreneurs in the small-scale mining sector a head-start. We are specialists in the engineering and supply of modular mineral processing plants, that begin at a very small mining scale, and increase in size and capacity to suit mid-tier and larger mining developments. We are are at the forefront of technology with innovative processes and plants like TriTank cyanidation systems and TriFloat flotation systems.”

Our strength lies in that APT has been catering to the small mining sector since its inception when, after working in the mineral testwork sector, it was realized that the equipment necessary to implement our innovations simply didn't exist, or was inappropriate. APT was formed to address this need, thus ultimately addressing the needs of small scale miners locally and then globally. We also started to apply our knowledge and capabilities to larger scale projects and the rest is history!

"It is not our objective to become a large process engineering company like everybody else. Rather, our objective is to extend our winning formula into big projects into the wider industry. I believe we have and will continue to be at the forefront of this exciting drive into the future” - Kevin Peacocke (CEO) 

To see the African Mining Brief article, please click here:



Happy Holidays & Preparing for 2018


APT wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2018 mining. As the 2017 mining year comes to a close, we wanted to extend our thanks to our valued clients, employees and families for their contribution towards making this year a success. We have thoroughly enjoyed the adventures; having been fortunate to learn, teach, share and visit some beautiful places and people along the way. We look forward to 2018 and wish everyone a joyful end of year!

APT- Modular Mining Equipment Engineers and Suppliers

Mining Equipment For Sale in South Africa | APT


Mining equipment for sale in South Africa has been made simple with APT. If you did not know, APT is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but we operate worldwide dealing directly with the client in most cases. We work alongside APT distributors across the globe who are well-versed in their territory as well as everything APT, enabling you to find us and them to bring our equipment and philosophy to you. Our Head Office is where we like to think most of the magic happens; we thrive on hearing the hum of the plants being manufactured while sitting on our deck discussing all things mining and admiring everything coming together. As much as you want your mine site to be a success, so do we. With many other mining equipment engineers and suppliers based in Johannesburg and the surrounds, we set out to show what sets APT apart and makes us different.

APT was created not as a competitor to pre-existing companies, but as a solution to fill the void that existed in the mining industry. What we wanted to create was a company that offered exactly what was required by the customer, no compromise.

In a market that relies heavily upon technology that has stood the test of time, very few are willing to challenge what was, and create what is. APT took this as an opportunity to not only look for new solutions to solve ongoing metallurgical problems, but to develop new processes within our industry. Equipped with in-house laboratories, our own manufacturing facilities and a highly innovative design team, APT has created mineral processing equipment and solutions that are far superior to what is out there. But that isn’t enough for us. We have a continuously running Research and Development team to keep our ideas active, and ensure that our technology is constantly at the forefront of the industry.

You may ask how we manage to apply this formula in such a dwindling time for the mining industry. Market trends have changed in such a way that the mining industry is no longer looking toward mass production as the investment simply isn’t there. Rather what prevails as the up and coming are the smaller, risk-averse projects and this is where our fundamental formula will always hold steadfast. There is still a significant amount of activity in this sector and a demand for simple efficient solutions that are fast to get moving and wont set you back immensely on the financial side. We see this as an opportunity for us to deliver our sustainable business solutions to the customer, from start to finish.


We do the entire package and are able to follow your ore from testwork, through the design phase, into manufacture, installation and commissioning, all while maintaining close contact with the customer. In a fragile market there is no room for mistakes. We like to offer the security that we are looking after you to the best of our ability. We aren’t a company that goes by the books, running on routine rather than innovation. We continuously think out the box, and tailor our solutions to each individual customer to ensure that what we offer is the best that they can get. We employ a team of highly skilled, experienced engineers in conjunction with some well-educated, fresh faces to keep the new ideas and innovation alive. This gives us a powerful capability to deliver a quality, advanced solution in the shortest possible time and at highly competitive rates.

Not Just Fishing For Gold!


The end of October proved to be an eventful month for us here at APT, not just in the office but also out in the field. This time, however, it was in a different way than we are used to. APT was proud to sponsor two Hamba Bamba teams at this years’ Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT), one of which was the only exclusively woman’s team for the second year running. Now why would mining equipment engineers and suppliers sponsor a fishing tournament? The tournament began in the 1960’s in Zimbabwe and has been going ever since. We have seen the effort that has gone into keeping such an event going and realise the importance of showing support. Also, it is simply a huge amount of fun and that is something that everyone needs! Both Hamba Bamba teams did us proud, and congratulations from APT to all participants at the tournament!


APT – mine for gold, chrome, tin, tantalite & more.

For enquiries please contact us here or on the following:

Tel :  (27) 11 704 6678

Email :

APT Awarded Modular JCRD100 10 Tonne Per Hour Gravity Gold Recovery Plant to Ghana


APT has been awarded an order for a JCRD100, a hard rock 10 tonne per hour gravity gold recovery plant, heading to Ghana. The client asked for a fast track supply, ergonomic plant to cater for oxidized hard rock free gold on a surface deposit. Emphasis was placed upon having a plant design with a high gravity recovery, small footprint, easy installation, low maintenance and no mercury utilization within the process. The hard rock plant is comprised of a JC100 primary jaw crusher followed by two RD50 wet impact grinders. The crushed product feeds directly into 4 GoldKacha concentrators which are fitted with the Goldilox secure and automated purging system. The Goldilox system ensures security of the concentrates which are fed directly into locked and secured concentrates boxes, while purging is controlled by an ingenious digital timer valve configuration. Periodically, the concentrates boxes are wheeled to an adjacent APT GoldRoom for upgrading on an ST500 concentrates upgrade table. Free gold recovered off the table will be smelted in an in-house P100 furnace.

The plant is supplied with a generator, full internal electrical reticulation, internal water and slurry pumps, piping and a water supply pond, all facilitating plug-and-play operation on site. The plant will be manufactured, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and test run at APT's mining equipment assembly workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa and will be ready for shipping by container in a few weeks' time.

This is another breakthrough in the mercury free gold processing thrust for West and North Africa. APT recently air freighted a 3 tonne per hour RG30 washing plant also with GoldKacha/Goldilox features to Ghana, as well as supplying the equipment for a mercury free gravity gold recovery centre which is currently nearing completion in Sudan.

As always the emphasis is on a fast and thorough build, easy field implementation with clean and efficient recovery of free gold. We look forward to the build and installation of this plant, and a happy client at the end! Congratulations APT team.

Modular Cyanidation Plant in Zimbabwe: APT TriTank TT20


APT's modular cyanidation plant, the TriTank TT20, has taken off with one being recently delivered to a client in Zimbabwe and another immediately ordered thereafter for a separate client. This plant is currently under manufacture and will be ready for delivery within just two weeks. True to APT, the plant is expected to be well engineered, well manufactured and will run in a far more efficient manner than conventional cyanidation tanks. The TriTank does not have the same design as conventional tanks; it incorporates 6 separate tanks into one neat, modular and efficient plant. The benefits are outlined here and we recommend giving it a read if you are new to the APT TriTank concept. modular cyanidation plant

In addition to these entry level plants APT has also received two very significant TriTank CIL plant orders; the first is for a client in Sudan where three TT500 (500 cubic meter each) CIL tanks will be installed on the dissolution train with an additional APT Detox system, also comprising of a TriTank. Below is a video of a similar larger scale modular cyanidation plant, and more on site mining videos can be viewed here.


The second large TriTank is for a waste rock retreatment operation close to Johannesburg, where a TT500 will be employed. This installation will be delivered in a record 12 weeks.

For further queries, please contact us here on our website, or alternatively email us at We look forward to these exciting developments and making our clients proud!

Afromin Consulting Limited Representing APT at Nigeria Mining Week 2017


“Nigerian mining companies do not need to travel around the world any longer in search of the best technical services” - Click the link to read Nigeria Mining Week's exclusive interview with exhibitor Gbenga Ojo, APT Distributor for Nigeria & Managing Partner of Afromin Consulting Limited.

We are proud to be represented at Nigeria Mining Week by Mr Gbenga Ojo, Managing Partner of Afromin Consulting Limited and APT's sole Nigeria distributor. Mr Ojo will be at the Afromin booth, number 106. Mr Ojo stated "as a firm, we are excited about the opportunity to engage the Nigerian mining stakeholders, through Afromin, on the uniqueness of our APT products and how these products are well suited for the artisanal, small-scale and junior miners who, although serious about mining their viable projects, are yet faced with the challenge of raising the large capital required for the developments of their projects. APT is therefore pleased to be providing the modular mineral process plants, as a innovative solution to the emerging Nigeria Mining sector.

APT is of the opinion that its partnership with Afromin, does not only provide is target clients with modular plants, but also provides them with a solution that is comprehensive, as Afromin seeks to provides services across the mining value chain in Nigeria, which ranges from exploration program management, contract mining, capital rising, etc".

For more information on the exhibition of APT products at the Nigeria Mining Week, please feel free to contact Mr Gbenga Ojo on, or visit the Afromin booth 106 at the 2nd annual Nigeria Mining Week.

Mining Equipment Suppliers South Africa: plants headed out lately!


As mining equipment suppliers in South Africa, not everyone around the globe gets to really see what we are all about, so we endeavor to show you as much as we can and this week, we're showing you the latest plants that have headed out. As always, our plants are manufactured, pre-assembled, pre-pluged and pre-wired all in-house, before being disassembled and packaged for their journey to site. This process allows us to have as much control as possible, ensuring our equipment is manufactured fast and efficiently.

First up, the team working on an RG30 with Goldilox alluvial processing plant. The Goldilox system provides full automation of the GoldKacha gravity concentrator as well as protection of the concentrates, allowing for secure and continuous operation.

Manufacture on this RG30 has been completed. Next to assemble the complete alluvial plant before delivery to Indonesia.

Delayed by Irma, one of these guys is finally on its way to site via a very long path travelling from South Africa, to England, to Miami and finally the Dominican Republic.

The latest RG30T, ready to be collected by the customer and destined for an exploration exercise in a neighboring country. This plant was completed in record time of three and a half weeks. You can read more about this fully comprehensive mobile gold processing plant here.

Packed and ready to go. An RDGK15 gravity concentration plant destined for East Africa.


We often document the plants as they arrive on site and installation and commissioning begins! If you would like to see these videos, scroll through our video section here and you'll be up to date on all things mining. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email us on or contact us here, we're always happy to help.

APT- modular mining equipment manufacturers, engineers and suppliers based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mobile Gold Processing Plant | South Africa Mining Equipment Suppliers | APT


If you are on the hunt for a mobile gold processing plant, you've come to the right place! APT engineer and supply modular mining equipment, including trailer versions of complete mining equipment kits allowing you to go from gold or bulk mineral bearing material to the recovered product efficiently and quickly. These mobile gold processing plant kits have options catering to hard rock and/or alluvial material. We pride ourselves on having short lead times as we understand the urgency in wanting to begin your mining venture and we are proud to announce that we have just set a new record in fully manufacturing and assembling our RG30-T mobile gold processing plant in a record time of just 3 short weeks, ready to head to our client in Southern Africa. Well done to the APT team! The RG30-T mobile gold processing plant (pictured below) will be used as an exploration module, something it is well-suited to due to its robust and minimalist design, and does not have a crushing section as it will only process alluvial material. The RG30-T includes everything required to go from ore to final concentrate, from the complete wash plant through to the GoldKacha concentrator through to a lock-up section to store your gold-bearing concentrate safely.

mobile gold processing plant south africa

The video below shows another RG30-T mobile gold processing plant running from start to finish, using a clients sample so they could see how the plant works and their recoveries. All that was done prior to turning the plant on was setting up the trailer, which can be done in as little as 5 minutes.


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