We constructed two TriTanks at our Eldorado mine to retreat tailings. The plant operated for 7 years and was the least problematic of any plant I have ever built and worked. We never dug out a tank. After a power cut, usually not more than 30 minutes, the plant was re-started and within minutes the pulp was back in suspension. Agitation was superb resulting in rapid dissolution and effective washing of the carbon off the horizontal carbon screens. In conclusion, the triangular agitator is far superior to anything that has ever been built.
— J. Skinner (Previously Group Projects Manager for Lonrho)
  • APT strive to continuously deliver the latest in mineral processing technology to our customers, and the TriTank is the epitome of that. Leaching of gold using cyanide is the most common chemical extraction method, but it was definitely not done in the safest and most efficient way until now.

  • APT triangular cyanidation tanks use up far less material and land footprint, whilst optimizing all the necessities.

  • Used for recovering gold in ores that are not readily treated using gravity and other physical processes. Examples include finely disseminated ores and previously treated tailings material. 


  • The TriTank is available in a variety of sizes, please contact us for a full list of specifications.