Wishing You a Productive Mining Year for 2018


2017 was not only a positive year for the mining industry, but a defining year. Affordable smaller mining startups were the new way forward and as a result many projects that were either stalled or dragging managed to get moving again. Market trends seem to take shape upon a far faster scale these days and those wanting to take advantage need to move ever faster. We at APT have risen to the challenge with several plant lead time records falling this past year and look forward to pushing this even further this 2018. mining 2018

Time is the new currency of the future, cherish it and be profitable. Wishing a good 2018 to all of our past and present customers, we value your support and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future.

If you are looking to get started in mining or are looking for an alternative mining solution, we welcome you to contact us or visit our offices to discuss our offerings and see our plants in-house. This gives you the best vision for your site and a feel for what we are all about. We also have an archive of videos (both recent and older) on our website here which you may find helpful.