Small Scale Piloting/Concentrate Treatment 20m^3 APT TriTank, the TT20


Since APT launched our small scale piloting/concentrate treatment 20m^3 TriTank, the TT20, several have been manufactured, installed and commissioned on various mine sites. The results have been impressive and we are very proud of this cyanidation plant! Here is more on this piloting/concentrate treatment plant. small scale concentrate pilot plant

Ores do not respect scale, the metallurgical requirements for a small project are the same as for a large one. If anything the demands upon a small project are higher because economy of scale is not with them, so efficiencies have to be even higher.

Following on the back of the huge success of the larger Tritanks, APT once again has designed a product to address the small-scale start-up market. The TT20 is a 20m^3 CIP/CIL tankage system and with advanced mixing design and higher oxygen ingestion leach kinetics are improved significantly.

By analysing the leach curve of the materials, the operator can make an informed economic decision as to the required residence times of the ore. In some cases this may be as low as 8 hours resulting in a 1.5tph throughput.

The entire plant is modular and can be moved to a new site within 2 days. With inherent benefits like smaller footprint, less materials, and built in carbon transfer the baby TriTank is the obvious choice for projects on a budget, but nevertheless wanting advanced technology.

This unit is not only perfect for fresh ore and tailings retreatment at small scale, but also for cyanidation of bulk concentrates, for example sulphide concentrates from flotation. The TT20 can be supplied as an addition to an existing system, or it can be supplied with the relevant up-front APT crushing and grinding modules to result in a complete processing solution.

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