Alluvial & Hard Rock Modular Mineral Processing Plant: APT Combo


In this article we're showing you our alluvial and hard rock RG Combo plants, ranging in size from 10tph through to 80tph. These plants can process both alluvial and hard rock material, efficiently washing, crushing and processing gold and bulk minerals, depending on your requirements. Below is a model of the plant, followed by the plant on site. This gives you an idea of the scale and streamline design of the alluvial and hard rock processing plant.  

Often you- the client- want to see a mine site operating with your potential plant. This makes your vision more of a reality and gives a sense of confidence and security going into the project. It takes away more of the unknown; this is what it is like on a mine site that could be yours. We cannot physically take you to mine sites, but we can take you on a virtual tour through our mining equipment videos. We have compiled a series of videos not only of our equipment in-house, but also on site. These videos cover the entire mine equipment manufacturing phase through to on-site mine installation and commissioning. To view these, visit our videos page here. Below we have included the video of an alluvial and hard rock mine site, as pictured above.


Let us know if you would like to see any other videos from various mine sites or have any other mining related questions. We look forward to hearing from you!