Head Office

Address: 218 New Market Road, North Riding, Johannesburg, 2169, South Africa

Email: info@aptprocessing.com

Phone: (0027) 10 035 1001

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Want to find us locally? Here is a list of our Global Distributors

Distributors help to ensure that you are receiving an authentic APT plant, as well as put you in contact with us. Please see the list below:

Africa & Middle East

Denzyl Pearse (Big Sky Trading, Raddisson Hotel)
Sierra Leone (Email: info@bigsky.ae)

Kevin Hamilton-Woods
Zimbabwe (Email: kevinwoods@aptprocessing.com)

Hamdu Limited 
Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Eritrea 
Mauritania, Western Sahara and United Arab Emirates

For the above, email: siddigsharif@hamdu.com

Aflomar Trading Enterprise 
Angola (Email: mauro@aflomar.co.za)

Gbenga Ojo 
Nigera (Email: gojo@afromincl.com)

America & Europe

Fredy Arenas
Colombia and Venezuela

For the above, email: fredyarenas@ie-tec.com

Charles Denivelle 
French Guyana and France 

For the above, email: charles@denivelle.com

Indonesia, Malaysia & Phillippines