Gold Mining Equipment in South Africa and Beyond | mining week in review


This week we got feedback from several clients on their gold mining equipment, operating in South Africa and its neighboring countries. Seeing gold mining equipment on site helps create a vision for future mining endeavors if you are new to mining or new to our mining equipment, and we strive to be as transparent as possible while respecting the privacy of our clients. Here's a glimpse into a few gold mining sites, from our largest plant being manufactured at the moment down to the smallest. All APT plants follow a modular design. This minimizes costs as well as creates a streamlined, efficient and effective mining plant that is simple to run yet encourages optimized recoveries. APT mining equipment is also pre-fabricated, pre-plumbed and pre-wired before heading out to any mine site allowing for short installation and commissioning times while not compromising on quality. TriTank TT500

tritank tt500

  • An APT TriTank TT500 has taken shape! This is one of our latest TriTank operations, nearing completion. 

RDGK Small Scale Hard Rock Plant for Gold Recovery

rdgk on site

  • The GroundBreaker Range is one of our most popular, catering to both the artisinal and small scale mining markets. The equipment can process sand, clay or hard rock, and is able to recover a variety of different minerals. The modular design allows for the implementation of a small startup operation, onto which different units can be added as the need arises for you to process more, or different, material. The result is a small capital investment, the ability to grow your project through internal funding, and the opportunity to optimize and streamline as you go.

An APT GoldKacha Out in the Field in Zambia

goldkacha in zambia

An APT GoldKacha and GoldMasta Sluice in Tanzania

goldkacha and sluice in tanzania

  • The GoldKacha concentrator and Gold Masta sluice at a training facility in Tanzania, where groups of artisinal miners are empowered to operate efficiently and responsibly. Just a water and power source is required, and you're ready to go.

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