Teach a man to fish – APT’s Corporate Programme range


Artisanals have a nose for gold, and tantalite, and tin, etc. They somehow find small rich veins and outcrops, mainly in the oxide horizon, and target these with great energy. The result is not often pretty and, more often than not, wastefully inefficient. Far more than just efficiency, where gold is the target it is also hazardous due to widespread use of mercury.

There will always be this activity and more often than not, whether it be in Africa, South America or the Far East the result is invariably conflict. We at APT are not into the politics of the situation, nor are we an environmental action group, but we care. We care enough to have developed a range of efficient, clean and viable options to give this group of miners a chance to operate and produce responsibly. Viability is the key word here, you cannot legislate for people to choose an alternative Building upon our experience over many years of dealing with artisanals, it would seem that about 1tph is the necessary and sufficient tonnage to support the group that must feed off the system, about five people. This will simply never provide enough income for growth.

APT’s range is built around the well renowned famous GoldKacha concentrator. This unit has been developed to be a stand-alone mini processing plant that accepts 1tph through its integral pre-screen and then feeds the broken down material uniformly into the concentrating bowl below. The unit comes with a scavenger sluice (GoldMasta) and a small upgrading bowl (GoldFountain) that can be coupled with the very same GoldKacha, bringing the concentrates to a panable product. All of the above equipment is also suitable for tin, tantalite and any similar heavy minerals that are the Artisanal’s target.

Specifically for gold applications APT has taken the bar even higher and has produced an entirely mercury free solution that really is simple and easy to use. The gold is first concentrated via the GoldKacha, GoldFountain and pan and then the gold is ‘picked’ with APT’s revolutionary GoldFix compound. The final stage to pure gold involves nothing more than the dipping of the gold laden GoldFix into hot water and there it is!

These solutions have been provided to countries Africa and South America, as well as Indonesia and the Philippines – a proven track record. APT is well placed to supply large Corporate Responsibility Programmes with everything needed to create a sustainable, viable, clean outcome.