Scotgold Resources Limited ("Scotgold" or the "Company) Project Update on Cononish Gold and Silver Mine

Scotgold Resources Limited ("Scotgold" or the "Company) Project Update on Cononish Gold and Silver Mine Scotgold is pleased to update the market with regards to progress with development at its Cononish Gold and Silver Mine, (“Cononish”) near Tyndrum, Scotland.

Underground Mine Development:

As previously announced, Planning Completion was achieved on 18th December 2018 and a further 4 employees have since been recruited, bringing the mining department strength to 11 staff. Activities have focussed on training and on the establishment of the enlarged adit portal on a day shift basis. Once beyond the portal area, and with sufficient competent operators in place, a second shift will be added and the full scheduled production rate will be achieved.

Surface Infrastructure:

Work on the upgrade of the Dalrigh Junction with the A82 is now well advanced and upon completion the contractor will move on to the installation of the new bridge required over the Crom Allt ford. Together with the already upgraded track, this will provide the project with necessary access for the materials and surface equipment which has been ordered and is scheduled to be mobilised in the spring.

Processing Plant:

Prior to placing an order for the procurement of the 3,000 tonne per month processing plant required for ‘Phase 1’ of production at Cononish, the company commissioned the first phase of the detailed design work and confirmatory metallurgical testwork on the planned process route. This was undertaken to provide greater confidence in the cost estimates and performance characteristics of the final plant, prior to commitment. During the course of this work, opportunities have been identified to increase the capacity of certain elements to accommodate the full Phase 2 capacity of 6,000 tonne per month; namely the feed bin, crushing and filtration circuits. A Supply and Installation contract for this plant configuration has now been entered into with Appropriate Process Technologies Pty Ltd (APT), who are known to the Company through the supply of the Bulk Processing Trial plant in 2016.

Schedule and Cost Estimates:

Both the two main activity streams of mine development and process plant construction are currently on schedule to achieve first gold production by the end of 2019, as previously announced. Some modest capital savings have been achieved on the procurement of mining equipment, and together with overall savings on the full scale processing plant, total life of mine capital, including expansion to Phase 2, will be reduced by approx. £1.0m from £20.1m to £19.1m. The increase in the plant Phase 1 specifications and the early identification of certain under estimated costs has resulted in the peak funding requirement increasing from £7.4m to £8.7m.

Corporate Funding:

As a result of the increased capital estimate during Phase 1 and the ongoing corporate expenditure during the extended planning process in 2018, the Company may require further funding, before becoming cash positive in 2020. To meet this possibility the Company has obtained an additional £1m facility from Bridge Barn Limited (“Bridge Barn”) a company owned and controlled by Mr Nathaniel ("Nat") le Roux. This £1m funding is in addition to the existing £5m facility previously announced on 18th May 2018 and as amended on 2nd October 2018 and can be drawn down if required. To affect this change and incorporate more favourable interest repayment terms, the Company has entered into an Amendment and Restatement Agreement with Bridge Barn, the full details of which are provided below. No funds have as yet been drawn down on this facility.

Related Party transaction:

Bridge Barn is a company owned and controlled by Mr Nat le Roux, who is the Chairman of the Company and a Substantial Shareholder as defined by the AIM Rules for Companies. The details of the Loan entered into by Bridge Barn and the Company and the further details as required to be disclosed under Schedule 4 of the AIM Rules are provided below.

The Renegotiated Terms of the Loan constitute a related party transaction under Rule 13 of the AIM Rules for Companies ("the Transaction"). Accordingly, the board of Scotgold, excluding Nat Le Roux who is precluded from opining, consisting of Richard Gray, Christopher Sangster, Philip Jackson, Richard Barker, Peter Hetherington and William Styslinger, having consulted with SP Angel, the Company's nominated adviser, consider that the terms of the Transaction are fair and reasonable insofar as its shareholders are concerned.

In accordance with the AIM Rules (Schedule 4), the following information regarding the Secured Loan is provided below:

  • Principal:

    £6,000,000 (six million pounds), to be drawn down in four separate Tranches of £2,000,000, £2,000,000, £1,000,000 and up to £1,000,000 respectively

  • Lender:

    Bridge Barn Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales which is wholly owned and controlled by Mr Nat le Roux

  • Borrower:

    SGZ Cononish Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of the Company

  • Term:

    24 months from date of draw-down of each Tranche respectively. Early repayment is at the option of the Borrower for no penalty.

  • Date and amount of first draw-down:

    On or before 30 June 2019 for an amount of £2 million

  • Date and amount of second draw-down:

    Within 6 months of first draw-down for an amount of £2 million.

  • Date and amount of third draw-down:

    Within 6 months of second draw-down for an amount of £1 million.  Date and amount of fourth draw-down: Within 6 months of third draw-down for an amount of up to £1 million.

  • Interest:

    Interest rate is 9.0% calculated annually (non-compounded) and payable at the end of the 24 months term for each Tranche respectively. If the Secured Loan is repaid early, interest will be calculated up to date of repayment.

  • Security:

    Debenture over the assets and undertakings of all of the assets of the Company’s 100% owned subsidiaries, Scotgold Resources Ltd (SC309525) and SGZ Cononish Ltd (SC569264), including the transfer of security of the issued capital of each of the subsidiaries.


Grampian – Our geology and exploration team continue to benchmark the geological anomalies around the Cononish gold deposit. The results from the first phase of these orientation surveys have proven that the ionic leach soil drainage sampling techniques provide a superior exploration tool to the more traditional methods. This is because of the lower detection limits and focus on more dispersed geochemistry in the sample medium as opposed to the reliance on focused gold mineralisation of traditional techniques, which are subject to the erratic distribution on specific minerals, most particularly gold. Initial results have mapped the mineralised sections of the Cononish Vein, as well as fault offsets, and have identified anomalies in parallel structures. The team has expanded the survey to evaluate the strike extent of these anomalies. This work will be announced once a full evaluation has been completed.

In addition to the novel geochemical sampling approach, the Company conducted an orientation survey using induced polarisation and VLF/magnetics techniques. While the survey was cut short due to very bad weather, the initial results have shown that the selected survey techniques are an excellent method of mapping the geology of the Cononish deposit in three dimensions. This is particularly the case with the dolerite dyke and major structures. The survey will be extended in the spring so that we can complete the 3D modelling of the Cononish geology.

Portugal – Our earn-in partner, PanEx Resources Ltd have withdrawn their interest in the Pomar project as their initial focus on gold mineralisation related to the felsic dykes appeared not to suggest potential in line with their target threshold. PanEx were seeking to validate a significant open pittable gold resource hosted in the dykes, but did not address high grade mineralisation hosted in structures or the broader untested exploration potential along the margin of a granite intrusion. Consequently, they have recognised that the licence is still attractive for other styles of mineralisation that are outside of their scope of work. As such, the Earn in Agreement as announced in the Company’s RNS of 19 March 2018 is no longer in place and Scotgold retains full ownership of its subsidiary Scotgold Resources Portugal Ltda and the Pomar License. The Company is currently completing its own soil sampling program, the results from which will inform a decision on an extension to the licence.

Richard Gray, Chief Executive Officer of Scotgold commented:

“Not only are we able to report good progress, but the detailed engineering work completed at this early stage has enabled us to enhance the overall project by capitalising on an opportunity to facilitate a possible earlier and more cost effective expansion to Phase 2. The first class team we are assembling is building momentum and I look forward to reporting further progress in due course.”

Certain information contained in this announcement would have been deemed inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 until the release of this announcement.

For further information please contact:

Scotgold Resources Limited Tel: +44 (0)1838 400 306

Richard Gray

SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP Tel +44 (0) 20 3470 0470

Nomad and Joint Broker Ewan Leggat / Charlie Bouverat

Capital Markets Consultants Tel: +44(0)7703 167 065

Financial PR

Simon Rothschild

Take advantage of the stronger commodity prices - PROPERLY

The gold price is doing well, and we at APT foresee it getting to around US$1350 quite soon. There are some other runners too, and in general this should be a time of plenty. Plenty of opportunity that is, but you still have to do the deed and produce, and that is far easier said than done.

Being well established in this business we have seen ideas come and go, and of course that is the necessary cycle of invention and creation. But let’s be quite clear and frank – for every successful idea there are literally dozens of dud ones.

The new reality is that that creation cycle needs to be tidied up a great deal, there just isn’t the capital to fund it willy nilly. And it needn’t, indeed shouldn’t be so. In todays modern engineering world we have powerful computers to test ideas long before a cutting torch is lifted. And powerful programs to test and simulate the outcome in advance. This is the age of true engineering, the smarts that dictate the fabrication.

Unfortunately our industry is the dumping ground of many who just want to ‘have a go’. They may have a workshop and may make excellent garden tools, for example, and want to climb in on the process equipment side too. Cheap the resulting offerings may be; they don’t need to factor in the development cycle and all the professional engineering costs, but it is likely to cost far more in the end.

We at APT have invested heavily in R&D and engineering power. We have our own associate laboratories and several in-house test beds to iron out as many of the wrinkles as possible up front, as wrinkles there always will be even with all the primary effort in place.

So as you move into 2019, we at APT wish you all the very best, and we pledge to provide products and services that are as solid as possible and are backed by APT’s commitment.

Successful New Year – Happy New Year.

Kevin Peacocke


A Farewell to 2018: the year in review

As we wind up 2018, two things are abundantly apparent – the world is not in the mood for waste, and secondly, time is the most important commodity we have.

Applying these important principles to our minerals industry points us in an interesting direction. Firstly, the old project development methods need revamping because apart from the shortage of cash to fund endless de-risking, the time involved is so far out of tune with the just-in-time world that we live in that it just can’t fly. Exploration tools have improved, in field analysis and logging is an almost instantaneous reality, and manufacturing methods with CAD CAM and laser techniques make the delivery far faster too.

So why then are we still experiencing the ridiculously long lead times in mining projects? Could it be that the mindset is the bottleneck? Consider the Eiffel Tower, or the Victoria Falls Bridge, both marvels of engineering for their time and in a time when there were no computers at all. People made decisions and executed them, fast, accurately and with confidence, and what magnificent things they achieved.

In fact, we at APT would like to think that it is indeed possible and things are changing as I write this. Having just completed our 143rd plant, manufactured in 8 weeks and erected on site in just one week, it is indeed quite possible to at least provide the processing goods. As we enter 2019, nobody can predict the future, but with more and more people clamouring for better standards of living we can be certain that the demand for minerals will grow, and the prices are good too. Great news for our business! So, drag out a new can-do mindset and lets get on with it, fast!

Happy Christmas and a very good New Year to you all.

Kevin Peacocke



We are so proud to launch our latest product, Elu-X. A simple cost effective carbon elution and electrowinning unit that, due to the design and materials used, delivers consistent high performance. Based upon the Open Zadra (non pressurized) system, the Elu-X is simple to operate and safe to use. The electrowinning section utilizes APT’s cylindrical Kebab cells for high efficiency and ease of use.

The Elu-X is especially made for the smaller elution applications and is available as a single Elu-X 270 (270kg carbon) that is suited to APT’s TriTank TT20, and TT40 models and as a twin configuration Elu-X 540 that is suitable for APT’s TT80. For more, contact us here or email us on

small scale electrowinning unit

A New Plant Will Be At A Mine Site Near You: introducing GK-X


APT have been hard at work, nothing out of the norm, however what we have to offer now certainly is! We are proud to bring to the mining industry GK-X, a revolutionary new centrifugal concentrator that takes the science significantly further. Here's how. GK-X incorporates modern materials that are wear resistant and totally rust free. The advanced flow design with the unique rounded cone base progressively accelerates the feed material resulting in earlier G acquisition in the lower cone section. High recoveries of even fine gold is achieved. The GK-X incorporates a simple yet effective automation system for hands-free harvesting of the concentrate on a pre-set interval. The unit is fully fluidized, but achieves this without a water jacket. Silt deposition is far less than in a jacketed system and cleaning is quick and easy without having to remove the bowl. All cones wear, but in the case of the GK-X repair is far easier as the whole rotating assembly is disposable and is simply and easily replaced at reasonable cost.

Some winning features of GK-X include:

  • A fluidized concentrator but with no water jacket.
  • Easy to clean in about 15 minutes, no need to remove bowl.
  • Rust-free construction.
  • The price!

We look forward to making our clients proud. The future is golden.

Contact us here for further information.

Time is Money in the Mining Industry | Mining Equipment Suppliers


Never has this been so important a concept in the mining industry. We are all aware of the drastic downturn of 2015 and 2016, where new investment virtually dried up, and although 2017 began an upturn, it is abundantly clear that money is still very tight. Money in the bank earns interest, but money in a mining venture is dead until the first minerals flow or gold is poured. Nay, not just dead, but flowing progressively into a hole.

We also know that the number of new projects being brought on-line is decreasing and in some mineral sectors nothing has come forward to replace the natural run down as others run out.

It is therefore no surprise that there is an urgency to bring some development life back into the industry. Taken with the lack of appetite even in formal circles to fund the traditional ‘long cycle’ projects that there is talk of fast track. Into the mix must also be thrown the realization that mining is a risk business, and mitigating that risk costs money and time on a proportionate scale.

As happened with the graphite market, and appears to be happening with the lithium market, there are people entering the industry who are more nimble-footed and by the time the long cycle has ground through it’s process, others have moved in and filled the supply gap in the interim. This can only result in oversupply or depressed prices as everybody tries to sell their commodities.

All taken together it is clear that the old model is less and less attractive. Enter the new aspirants who talk months, not years, and reap their rewards to reinvest. Risk will always be there, but by earlier entry at a more modest scale and at a more appropriate time the exposure will also always be less. All service branches of our industry, being geological, mining engineering or processing are cottoning on to the need for a shorter cycle. The age of super powerful computers, remote sensing, and better predictive models are all available to compress timeframes with little if any loss in efficacy of the work performed. Charging thousands of hours when the task can take hours is more and more an archaic and unpalatable concept. So too is APT acutely aware of the need to compress plant design construction and commissioning time. Our library of plant designs, now at over 140, and the large array of modular options means that not only are plants available far quicker, but they are more tried and tested too.

What the industry is not fully aware of is that these principles apply to larger projects too, up to about 150 tonnes per hour so far. Obviously the mega projects will always be there and it is well acknowledged that they take more time, but to lumber the more modest projects with the same yolk is nothing short of wasteful.

Part of a consignment of 1800 cubic metres of APT TriTanks, with a completed 500 cubic metre tank.

mining equipment suppliers

Comminution & Beneficiation The APT Way | Mining Equipment


Classically comminution is associated with crushing and grinding to a fine size, something like the well established norm of 75 microns. But especially where the purpose is either flotation or even more so gravity concentration then the coarser the mineral can be liberated the better, within the upper limits of the process of course. Even where the purpose is cyanidation, finer grinding is dictated by the dissolution curve, and going beyond the optimum just entails extra grind energy. In a nutshell, it is definitely a case of horses for courses and one size definitely does not fit all. Then there is the effect of mineral hardness and brittleness. Some minerals, for example scheelite or cerussite grind far faster than the host rock and if the only consideration in the P80 of the total then certainly the target would have been preferentially ground well beyond that, rendering recovery difficult to impossible. So the methodology is to first remove any naturally occurring fine target before gently crushing the remainder in closed circuit with a screen to take off successive amounts as they are generated. Rolls crushers are particularly useful for this gentle crushing role.

Impact crushing has proven to me metallurgically advantageous because the energy goes into splitting the rock upon fracture planes or zones of weakness, like grain boundaries. The result is mineral liberation at a disproportionately large particle size and APT has termed the phrase ‘early liberation to describe this. APT uses its own design RD impactors for this duty, which utilize very high impact energy for breakage.

In cases where minerals are hosted in an oxidized matrix it is useful to use an efficient scrubbing device like the APT RG scrubber, where the retained rock load in the scrubber acts like an autogenous mill to break up the friable lumps without pulverizing the mineral itself.


A typical APT approach is to first target the scrubber amenable fines and then impact the oversize after a jaw crush to reduce oversize lumps. The resulting product is recycled to the scrubber to remove the generated fines and the surviving oversize either goes around again, or progresses to a rod mill for a further nip. The RD impactor may be replaced by a rolls crusher in certain cases.

A typical flowsheet is depicted below, in this case for ultra soft target mineral.

Comminution & Beneficiation Mining


APT’s associate laboratory Peacocke & Simpson is equipped with all of the comminution devices to test which is best suited to your ore’s mineralogy. The lab then applies gravity or flotation and/or cyanidation to verify the choices and estimate the potential recovery. Usually a 100kg sample is required.


Once the groundwork has been established, APT’s engineers can progress to a process design and plant costing with confidence, and then install the correct plant for the job.

For further information, please contact us here, we are always happy to help.

Mining in Zimbabwe | Equipment Available and Testimonials


Mining in Zimbabwe has been an adventure for us here at APT over the years, and with the recent attention in the country, we think it fitting to place some focus on the huge potential it has.  APT has installed and commissioned several processing plants in the country, from gold recovery through to chrome recovery, tantalite recovery, tailings re-treatment and more. We have assisted a variety of miners, from those just starting out through to those well advanced in their mining journey, in both knowledge and experience. We don’t anticipate the Zimbabwean mining sector slowing down anytime soon, so if you’re looking into getting started there, you’ve come to the right place! 


chrome mining zimbabwe

Gold Recovery pictures

Here are a few testimonials from our past and present Zimbabwe based clients. The videos linked to each product are for the same product, though on differing mine sites:

"I have worked with a team to make the RDGK15 into a very competent gold recovery pilot plant. The plant is highly portable and was run as a product/pilot plant. The percentage recovery of gold was greater than suggested from constant supervision of the RDGK15 combo unit. The simplicity of the GoldKacha makes it a very easy unit to achieve regular good percentage gold recoveries." - Neil Greenway | Director, Greenline Services 
"We've used an RG30 Scrubber for some time now. The Scrubber breaks down tenacious clay and screens all fines to the GoldKacha Concentrator which we find extremely efficient. A winning combination, thank you APT" - Henry Jenkins | CEO, Goldchip Investments 
"I would have no hesitation in recommending the APT TriTank system to anyone considering slurry cyanidation, it is a paradigm ahead of the old tank system" - Paul Mitchell | Max Mine

We invite you to browse the APT website, see our videos and scroll through the various plant options available. For detailed information on mining in Zimbabwe and APT's experience, please contact us

We look forward to assisting you in starting your Zimbabwean mining venture! 

APT are Proud to Support Women in Mining | Environmental Women in Action


Having recently celebrated Women's Day here in South Africa, it comes at a fitting time that we congratulate the Environmental Women in Action on the acquisition of an APT GoldKacha concentrator. We are proud to work alongside such people and look forward to seeing their journey unfold. This also inspired us to look back on our own mining journey, one which continues to bring us much pride and joy. We have worked with men and women across the globe; some looking for large projects, some smaller projects, some just starting out and others far advanced. All with the common goal to mine. Doing so in an environmentally conscious way is something we strive for, without compromising on recoveries. We also have the men and women who make APT what it is today and if you have stepped into our offices, you would see the work and time each person contributes.

Here are some videos which show a small part of the APT journey:




Mining in Burkina Faso


APT are proud to have received great feedback from our clients mining in Burkina Faso. The miners are happy with their gold mining equipment consisting of the GoldKacha concentrator and GoldMasta sluice, for optimal recovery. Thank you to our clients for sending the below video to give us, and you, a look at their Burkina Faso mine site! [embed][/embed]

For further videos of the GoldKacha and GoldMasta, as well as various other mineral processing plants, please visit our website here. For further information on our mining equipment, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Modular Cyanidation Plant on a Mine Site in Southern Africa


The APT installation and commissioning team just returned from a successful mine site trip in Southern Africa to install and commission yet another one of our modular TriTank cyanidation plants, the TT20. We have a whole article dedicated to the TriTank where we explain it all more in depth, so if you have not yet heard about the TriTank we recommend giving it a read. This plant is a step away from conventional CIP/CIL cyanidation plants and is not only more efficient, but is also more environmentally conscious. Being triangular in shape, our six sectors fit into one circular tank, creating a range of benefits from on site cleanliness, efficiency, smaller land footprint, less material usage and more. Recoveries are high and we are so proud to have designed this plant and made it a part of our mining equipment range. The TriTank is not limited to this size, we also offer a much larger modular version which you can see operating on site here. Congratulations to the team and thank you to our valued clients. We hope you enjoy these clips from site!


APT Awarded 20tph Lead Concentrating Plant for Eastern Europe


APT has received the order for a 20tph lead concentrating plant destined for Eastern Europe. This major milestone demonstrates the client's faith in APT's ability to deliver this important facility on time and within budget. It also underlines APT's growing diversity into the wider spectrum of mineral recovery, which to date includes gold, platinum, copper, tantalite, tin bauxite, wolframite, chromite and gemstones. Congratulations to our APT team and we look forward to making this project a success.

3tph Tailings Re-Treatment Plant in Northern Zimbabwe


APT has just completed installing a 3tph tailings retreatment plant in northern Zimbabwe for a regionally based client. The plant comprises of a ball mill, feeder, classifier and two APT TriTank® CIL tanks. Designed to treat high grade artisanal tailings the set up incorporates several features to allow for a trouble free, robust solution. The plant was completed on time and installed in a short four days. “I am very pleased with the plant installation” said project consultant Garth Barton, “It went together virtually faultlessly.”

APT wishes their client Comprecraft a successful future for their many local and regional projects.

Kevin Peacocke


tailings retreatment plant

Comprecraft plant: Feeder, classifier, two APT TT20 CIL units.

Mining Equipment Out This Week: APT TriTank TT20


The past few weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind at our offices and we have loved every minute! The buzz of the welding coupled with the hum of the forklift and chatter of the workers just added to the excitement in the air, it is the middle of the year and 2018 is in full swing.

Shown above is a picture from our Instagram live platform (be sure to give us a follow on @aptprocessing for up-to-the-minute updates), of one of our most recent plants, and favourites to build, the APT TriTank TT20 CIL circuit. We manufactured two TT20's for this particular project, along with a feeder, conveyor and milling module. The plant was built and pre-assembled in our offices in Johannesburg, then freighted to its final destination in Southern Africa. From this point on, most of us do not see the plants until they are fully installed on site, so we look forward to the installation and commissioning updates as much as you.


As soon as the plants arrive on site, our on-site team gets to work efficiently. This is what they did after a day or two, and we look forward to seeing the end result!

Upgrading Concentrates before Smelting: mining equipment on site


One of the final stages of any gravity recovery circuit is upgrading the concentrates before smelting, often carried out on a shaking table. The material is first screened to prevent particle size vs. SG interaction, and then passed onto the vibrating table deck for the final gravity separation. The light sands are washed off the side of the deck, whilst the heavy minerals migrate to the centre, forming that sought after yellow gold line. APT have manufactured, installed and commissioned various gold mining plants. This video was taken at one of those mine sites and shows the shaking table in particular:


On A Small Scale Gold Mine Site: APT RG30 3tph scrubber & Goldilox


Here is a raw snippet from our time on a small scale gold mine site with APT's Golidlox safe concentrates storage system operating in conjunction with the RG30 Scrubber for optimal mineral recoveries. The RG30 is a 3tph alluvial gold processing plant, available as either a standalone set-up or in trailer version. Our mining equipment has been designed in such a way that various components can be seamlessly coupled together as per your requirements; visually and operationally pleasing.

The Goldilox part of this alluvial processing plant facilitates an automated flush of the GoldKacha concentrator, and stores the gold bearing concentrates in a secured lock box for collection at the end of the shift. Now you can have peace of mind that your gold is right where you left it. Secure, safe and efficient.


We have a series of videos here on our website showing you exactly what it is like on a mining site and mining with APT equipment. For more on the GoldKacha, Goldilox or our range of RG scrubber plants, visit our website or contact us on and we will be there to help.

Mining Equipment Testimonials: APT modular mining equipment


APT have always taken the approach of providing solutions to problems faced in the industry, rather than simply providing equipment, and we apply this ideology throughout our range from the ground up. A large part of this is taking on client feedback, listening to what you need and want and being able to produce that. We wanted to feature that feedback in this article, as a testament to our valued clients, the mining equipment and the hard work and dedication that comes from within the APT team. These testimonials are for the RG scrubber and over time we will be covering the entire APT mining equipment range. "The combination of the RG100 with the Knelson MD12 concentrator is an excellent match. Even the most stubborn clays are disintegrated by the autogenous scrubbing action in the drum section (assuming correct feed rate), and this plant combo is excellent for processing of eluvial and alluvial ores, especially smaller high value deposits." - J. Duguid (Managing Director, Stillram Mining Co.p/l).

Below is an RG100 scrubber coupled with the FLSmidth Knelson concentrator for optimal gold recovery.

RG100 Scrubber 

"We have been using the RG200 Scrubber to process bauxite at our mine for 3 years. This machine has been used on a daily basis, and handles a constant feed of 15-20tph. It successfully breaks down the tough clay content and thoroughly cleans any hard rock content within the feed material. The RG200 very successfully screens and separates our larger material (-3mm). We have had good after sales service from APT and are satisfied with the plant supplied." - J. Meikle (Director, Mina Alumina Lda)

scrubber mining

Above is an RG100 scrubber, and below is an RG200 scrubber.

mining crusher mining crushers

The above pictures show 2 APT RG combo plants on differing mine sites. The set up is neat and allows for seamless installation, commissioning and operating.

Thank you to our clients for your support and to the APT team who make it all possible!

For more information please contact us here or email us on and we will respond shortly.


TT20 Small Scale Cyanidation Plant: on a mine site with APT


Here we are taking you on a quick walk and talk through of the location of our latest 1.5tph small scale cyanidation plant installation. Positioned near a historical stamp mill, the plant will be processing dump material through a mill and TT20 cyanidation circuit. [embed][/embed]

The APT TriTank was designed several years ago and adopted an unconventional approach starting with its triangular design. This results in more ideal mixing leading to superior solid suspension and gold dissolution and higher dissolved oxygen levels. The well-sealed motor design ensures oil spillages into slurry are minimized and thus metallurgical performance is enhanced. The design also uses a smaller land footprint and less construction materials. The Tritank can be relocated to multiple sites, reducing "mine-to-process" transport costs. 

These tanks have a wide range of applications and can be setup for Carbon-In-Pulp (CIP), Carbon-In-Leach (CIL), or Carousel operation. The mixing profile is so much better in tests and in practice, that the design has completely eliminated the need for baffles which present a large amount of hassles in circular tank operation. 

True to APT's style, the TT20 has a host of benefits in keeping with the larger scale TriTank cyanidation modules. Below are some of these benefits:

Indeed, there is nowhere to put them. The mixing mechanism results in more rapid leach kinetics for a smaller plant or a higher throughput.

This allows pulp flow to be directed from any sector to any sector, even from stage 1 to 6, without long launders. This allows any sector to be taken offline for maintenance, or the plant to be operated in carousel mode.

What is conventionally achieved through 6 separate, large tanks is now achieved through one tank sectorialized into 6 compartments.

The hexagon shape results in 27% less footprint than 6 circular tanks of equivalent volume (1/1 H/D ratio). This impacts ground space but also on foundations, bunds, decking, cable runs & pipe runs, & more.

To find out more about the TriTank or APT's range of modular mining equipment, please contact us here or email us on and we will get back to you shortly.

GoldKacha Gold Concentrator: Mining Around The World With APT


The GoldKacha concentrator was one of the first plants introduced by APT and forms the basis of our GroundBreaker range. Over time, this 3 tonne per hour gold concentrator and recovery plant has evolved in accordance with clients' requirements, environmental conditions and the current mining conditions. The GoldKacha has made its mark in various locations across the globe; used to mine for gold in the snow, mine on water and mine in the desert. Here are some pictures of this gold recovery module along the way: mining equipment for rivers mining barge

remote mining  rg200 goldkacha scrubber on site

dry mining  mining in the snow   mining snow

goldkacha on site gold mobile  

barge gold  gold bardge

To see more pictures and videos, email us to be added to our newsletter and get the latest news delivered to your inbox. For further information on mining equipment or if you have any mining related questions, email us on or contact us here.