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Mining in Egypt with the APT GoldKacha concentrator has proven to be a success as shown by the recent feedback from our client mining in that region. This particular Egypt mine site is processing material for optimal gold recovery and the client was pleased with the results. We could say much more about this one, but we'll let the pictures do the talking. mining in egypt gold recovery

gold concentrator egypt egypt

A previous client said of the GoldKacha "I have used APT's GoldKacha on a variety of alluvial projects in the most adverse and remote locations around the globe and they have proven themselves time again to be the ideal units for excellent recoveries in a multitude of applications. With their low operating costs and used in conjunction with the RG30 mobile configuration, the GoldKacha has been instrumental for assessing alluvial deposits and exploration. They are a must in any miners tool kit." 

If you are looking to go mining in Egypt for gold or other minerals, APT is worth approaching. We engineer and supply modular mining equipment catering to a variety of locations and environments, of which we will be showing more of here on our website. We currently have an archive of videos of our equipment on site or in-house. These range from recent installations to those dating back to a few years ago. This allows you to truly get a feel of what we at APT do. For videos of the GoldKacha being used on site as well as other gold recovery plants and bulk mineral recovery plants, please visit our videos page here.

Well done to the team! Thank you to our clients for their continued and valued support. We look forward to working with you.