African Mining Brief: APT's feature


APT recently did an interview for African Mining Brief, titled "Remove Regulatory Hurdles for Small Mining to Grow". If you are new to our website or the mining world, APT specialize in modular mining equipment, so we cover all bases from small scale start up mining, to mining projects on a much larger scale but in keeping with our modular philosophies. What we do is take away all un-necessary extra's and ensure you are left with a streamline design, engineered with your project in mind and the knowledge of what you require. The African Mining Brief interview was in the context of mining in South Africa within the small scale sector, although the same principles apply throughout the industry and beyond South Africa's borders. "APT is well-equipped to give budding entrepreneurs in the small-scale mining sector a head-start. We are specialists in the engineering and supply of modular mineral processing plants, that begin at a very small mining scale, and increase in size and capacity to suit mid-tier and larger mining developments. We are are at the forefront of technology with innovative processes and plants like TriTank cyanidation systems and TriFloat flotation systems.”

Our strength lies in that APT has been catering to the small mining sector since its inception when, after working in the mineral testwork sector, it was realized that the equipment necessary to implement our innovations simply didn't exist, or was inappropriate. APT was formed to address this need, thus ultimately addressing the needs of small scale miners locally and then globally. We also started to apply our knowledge and capabilities to larger scale projects and the rest is history!

"It is not our objective to become a large process engineering company like everybody else. Rather, our objective is to extend our winning formula into big projects into the wider industry. I believe we have and will continue to be at the forefront of this exciting drive into the future” - Kevin Peacocke (CEO) 

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