The simplicity of the GoldKacha makes it a very easy unit to achieve good percentage gold recoveries.
— N. Greenway (Director, Greenline Services)
  • Complete, simple and robust processing solution = high recovery of both coarse and fine precious metals, especially fine gold recovery, from dump tailings, rubble beds & alluvial sands.

  • Suited to remote areas and rough terrain, run via generator and solar option available.

  • No clean water required, suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions, ideal for gold prospecting.

  • For protection of your concentrate and gold, please see Goldilox, an automated and secure purge system.

  • Multiples can be used as a custom treatment facility, where the owner can hire them out and enable others to process their own material in a safe & simple way. Nesting several units also means that one operator can treat a larger tonnage of his own material.


  • Feedrate (tph): 1-3 Nominal Feed Size (mm): 3 Installed Power (kW Electric Motor): 0.75 Water Requirement (m3/h): 2-4 Typical Concentrate Weight (kg) 8-10 Run Time between Conc. Washes (h) 1