Tritank TT20: A Small Scale Piloting/Concentrate Treatment 20m^3 TriTank, Launched by APT


Modular CIP / CIL Tritank Following on the back of the huge success of the larger Tritank, APT once again has designed a product to address the small scale start-up market and we are proud to introduce the Tritank TT20 to the mining industry. This is a 20m^3 CIP/CIL tankage and cyanidation system. With advanced mixing design and higher oxygen interaction the leach residence times are greatly reduced.

By analysing the leach curve of the materials, the operator can make an informed economic decision as to the required residence times of the ore. In some cases this may be as low as 8 hours resulting in a 1.5tph throughput.

The entire plant is modular and can be moved to a new site within 3-4 days. With inherent benefits like smaller footprint, less materials and batch carousel functionality,  the TT20 is the obvious choice for startup CIL/CIP processing. With six reaction compartments or sectors condensed into one conventional tank, not only is the environmental footprint smaller, but a whole host of advantages accrue to the user's benefit. Carbon is easier to move, a sector can easily be bypassed, and most important of all, the mixing efficiency is enhanced. Today, environmental impact of cyanidation use is of great concern, and this system reduces that concern and cyanidation is practiced a little more safely.

We know the idea of the Tritank is new to the industry, and although that is what makes it so special, we understand that you need to know more about it. That is why we have made video's on it, such as this one, as well as other articles on TriTank Leaching, for example. You are also welcome to email us on or phone on (0027) 11 704 6678.

This unit is perfect for tailings retreatment of small high grade dumps, for concentrate leach, or for pilot modules. With APT’s additional processing modules, the entire processing plant can be running within days of arriving on site.

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