The APT GroundBreaker Division Are Proud To Introduce The GoldMasta Sluice To Our Product Range


goldkacha goldmasta groundbreaker division gold recovery As part of APT's GroundBreaker Division, the GoldMasta sluice was developed as an entry level device for artisanal miners to begin, and advance production in an efficient, affordable manner. “The engineering, design and rigorous test work coupled with the implementation of the latest technology has resulted in maximized recoveries and the production of a higher grade concentrate”, states the APT’s Director of the GroundBreaker Division. He continues, “the surface matting is easy to clean, making for a quick harvest cycle”.

The GoldMasta is made from a durable, non-corroding material and production can be commenced as soon as it arrives on site. The GoldMasta can be relocated with ease and a power outlet is not required. This allows for use in remote areas, often a requirement for exploration modules as you need to follow your mineral resource wherever it leads.

To obtain an even higher recovery, two or more GoldMasta’s can be placed in a series. This module was also engineered to work in combination with our GoldKacha concentrator (as seen in picture below), resulting in a compact package with extremely high recovery. If the full potential tonnage of the GoldKacha is required, two GoldMasta’s can be used in parallel on the tails, which you can just make out on the right of the picture below.

apt groundbreaker division

We also encourage you to read our article on the GoldKacha here, as it shows more on how it operates, why you need it and just simply- more on what it is!

APT do carry out demonstrations on all of our GroundBreaker plants in order to show exactly how they work, so please let us know if you are interested in us doing one in your area. We would be happy to oblige! If you are looking to become part of the APT team and be a distributor for the GroundBreaker range, please email us on and we'll let you know the process and benefits involved.