APT Awarded Modular JCRD100 10 Tonne Per Hour Gravity Gold Recovery Plant to Ghana


APT has been awarded an order for a JCRD100, a hard rock 10 tonne per hour gravity gold recovery plant, heading to Ghana. The client asked for a fast track supply, ergonomic plant to cater for oxidized hard rock free gold on a surface deposit. Emphasis was placed upon having a plant design with a high gravity recovery, small footprint, easy installation, low maintenance and no mercury utilization within the process. The hard rock plant is comprised of a JC100 primary jaw crusher followed by two RD50 wet impact grinders. The crushed product feeds directly into 4 GoldKacha concentrators which are fitted with the Goldilox secure and automated purging system. The Goldilox system ensures security of the concentrates which are fed directly into locked and secured concentrates boxes, while purging is controlled by an ingenious digital timer valve configuration. Periodically, the concentrates boxes are wheeled to an adjacent APT GoldRoom for upgrading on an ST500 concentrates upgrade table. Free gold recovered off the table will be smelted in an in-house P100 furnace.

The plant is supplied with a generator, full internal electrical reticulation, internal water and slurry pumps, piping and a water supply pond, all facilitating plug-and-play operation on site. The plant will be manufactured, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and test run at APT's mining equipment assembly workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa and will be ready for shipping by container in a few weeks' time.

This is another breakthrough in the mercury free gold processing thrust for West and North Africa. APT recently air freighted a 3 tonne per hour RG30 washing plant also with GoldKacha/Goldilox features to Ghana, as well as supplying the equipment for a mercury free gravity gold recovery centre which is currently nearing completion in Sudan.

As always the emphasis is on a fast and thorough build, easy field implementation with clean and efficient recovery of free gold. We look forward to the build and installation of this plant, and a happy client at the end! Congratulations APT team.