Modular Cyanidation Plant in Zimbabwe: APT TriTank TT20


APT's modular cyanidation plant, the TriTank TT20, has taken off with one being recently delivered to a client in Zimbabwe and another immediately ordered thereafter for a separate client. This plant is currently under manufacture and will be ready for delivery within just two weeks. True to APT, the plant is expected to be well engineered, well manufactured and will run in a far more efficient manner than conventional cyanidation tanks. The TriTank does not have the same design as conventional tanks; it incorporates 6 separate tanks into one neat, modular and efficient plant. The benefits are outlined here and we recommend giving it a read if you are new to the APT TriTank concept. modular cyanidation plant

In addition to these entry level plants APT has also received two very significant TriTank CIL plant orders; the first is for a client in Sudan where three TT500 (500 cubic meter each) CIL tanks will be installed on the dissolution train with an additional APT Detox system, also comprising of a TriTank. Below is a video of a similar larger scale modular cyanidation plant, and more on site mining videos can be viewed here.


The second large TriTank is for a waste rock retreatment operation close to Johannesburg, where a TT500 will be employed. This installation will be delivered in a record 12 weeks.

For further queries, please contact us here on our website, or alternatively email us at We look forward to these exciting developments and making our clients proud!