GOLDFIX For Non Toxic & Efficient Gold Recovery


A recent addition to APT’s GroundBreaker range of Gold Mining products is a non toxic, recyclable, natural compound, developed and tested in house, which we have named ‘GoldFixTM ’. gold extraction with goldfix

The GroundBreaker range is designed to be mercury free, and is widely used, particularly in places where environmental impact is a consideration. Mercury has, in the past, been the method commonly used to recover the maximum amount of elemental gold, being regarded as cheap and simple. However, because of its toxicity, in terms of its toll on human health and environmental pollution, it proved anything but cheap.

Now APT has produced a safe, efficient, cost effective alternative to mercury. GoldFixTM is a natural compound which is recyclable and reusable. It is non toxic to humans and does not impact negatively on the environment. The APT gold recovery process, in which GoldFix is used, takes you from concentrate to smelted nugget in six simple steps. At the end of the process, the gold has been recovered and you are left with the pure gold nugget! GoldFixTM for gold recovery works with APT’s existing GroundBreaker solutions, which include the GoldKacha, GoldKonka and GoldMasta. It provides the finishing step that bridges the gap between concentrates and gold ore bullion. Even the smallest amounts of gold can be captured efficiently.