Gold Alluvial Plant On Sale, Fully Assembled and Ready To Run!

This gold alluvial plant on sale boasts simple-to-use washing, scrubbing and mineral recovery components. It can process 6-10tph of alluvial/elluvial material, and although this particular one shown in the image below is for gold recovery, this plant can also recover a variety of minerals by simply having the upgrader changed, should you wish. The mineral recovery plant comes fully assembled and is installed and commissioned by APT professionals, ensuring a smooth and painless mining start-up process for the client. A concrete foundation is required on the site before the plant arrives, as well as a 1 meter high concrete wall and brick plinth. This allows for a neat plant set-up and optimizes the use of gravity as no chemicals are used or required. APT endeavors to be as safe in mining as possible, for both our clients and the environment. So how does this modular mining plant work? Firstly, the alluvial/elluvial material is fed into the scrubber via the feed trough and is then disintegrated into a pulp. The pulp is then fed by Gravity into 3 GoldKacha’s  where a batch concentrate is obtained. The concentrate is then cleaned up on the GoldKonka and smelted in the P100 electric furnace to produce the final gold bullion.

The RG100C plant is in-stock, fully assembled and sold as is, with all of the aforementioned components. The image below is of this exact plant, so this gives you an idea of what your mine will start out as. We do have an idea on how you can expand this plant financially and grow your mine, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in funding your own project.

This gold recovery plant is ready for collection upon payment and can be viewed upon request. Should you wish to receive any more information regarding freight quotes (should you wish for us to freight your plant), videos, testimonials from our other clients and more, please email or phone us on the contact details below

RG100C Alluvial Gold Recovery Plant

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