Affordable Mining Exploration: exploration with production, the smart way to initiate a project on all fronts


Affordable mining exploration equipment is available from engineers and suppliers who understand your wants and needs, and know how you can achieve success in mining. APT have launched fast track process plant capability by introducing our Exploration Plant range. This range allows for a departure from the normal project execution timelines in that these plants can be manufactured in eight to fourteen weeks, with a two to four day plant installation in the field. Considering this is exploration with production it is not necessarily an alternative to conventional exploration methods, but rather a fast track alternative to understand the resource parameters in reasonable volume.

It is not just resource exploration that we are talking about, but also metallurgical exploration, mining method exploration, operational idiosyncrasies in a remote location exploration. The more all of these can be progressed in parallel, the faster a project comes to fruition in totality with all the boxes checked and lessons learned cheaply.

All the vital information towards a truly large mine investment, if that is the ultimate objective, can be obtained using an APT Exploration Plant, providing the ability to generate revenue right out of the gate!

  • Low energy
  • High recovery
  • Easy installation
  • Fast delivery
  • Low cost
  • Low opex
  • Environmentally friendly

We have other articles on the affordable mining exploration process, such as this one here which caters to junior miners. Feel free to contact us for any further information, we are here to help!