APT are Proud to Support Women in Mining | Environmental Women in Action


Having recently celebrated Women's Day here in South Africa, it comes at a fitting time that we congratulate the Environmental Women in Action on the acquisition of an APT GoldKacha concentrator. We are proud to work alongside such people and look forward to seeing their journey unfold. This also inspired us to look back on our own mining journey, one which continues to bring us much pride and joy. We have worked with men and women across the globe; some looking for large projects, some smaller projects, some just starting out and others far advanced. All with the common goal to mine. Doing so in an environmentally conscious way is something we strive for, without compromising on recoveries. We also have the men and women who make APT what it is today and if you have stepped into our offices, you would see the work and time each person contributes.

Here are some videos which show a small part of the APT journey: