Modular Cyanidation Plant on a Mine Site in Southern Africa


The APT installation and commissioning team just returned from a successful mine site trip in Southern Africa to install and commission yet another one of our modular TriTank cyanidation plants, the TT20. We have a whole article dedicated to the TriTank where we explain it all more in depth, so if you have not yet heard about the TriTank we recommend giving it a read. This plant is a step away from conventional CIP/CIL cyanidation plants and is not only more efficient, but is also more environmentally conscious. Being triangular in shape, our six sectors fit into one circular tank, creating a range of benefits from on site cleanliness, efficiency, smaller land footprint, less material usage and more. Recoveries are high and we are so proud to have designed this plant and made it a part of our mining equipment range. The TriTank is not limited to this size, we also offer a much larger modular version which you can see operating on site here. Congratulations to the team and thank you to our valued clients. We hope you enjoy these clips from site!