Mining Equipment Out This Week: APT TriTank TT20


The past few weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind at our offices and we have loved every minute! The buzz of the welding coupled with the hum of the forklift and chatter of the workers just added to the excitement in the air, it is the middle of the year and 2018 is in full swing.

Shown above is a picture from our Instagram live platform (be sure to give us a follow on @aptprocessing for up-to-the-minute updates), of one of our most recent plants, and favourites to build, the APT TriTank TT20 CIL circuit. We manufactured two TT20's for this particular project, along with a feeder, conveyor and milling module. The plant was built and pre-assembled in our offices in Johannesburg, then freighted to its final destination in Southern Africa. From this point on, most of us do not see the plants until they are fully installed on site, so we look forward to the installation and commissioning updates as much as you.


As soon as the plants arrive on site, our on-site team gets to work efficiently. This is what they did after a day or two, and we look forward to seeing the end result!