Mining Equipment For Sale in South Africa | APT


Mining equipment for sale in South Africa has been made simple with APT. If you did not know, APT is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but we operate worldwide dealing directly with the client in most cases. We work alongside APT distributors across the globe who are well-versed in their territory as well as everything APT, enabling you to find us and them to bring our equipment and philosophy to you. Our Head Office is where we like to think most of the magic happens; we thrive on hearing the hum of the plants being manufactured while sitting on our deck discussing all things mining and admiring everything coming together. As much as you want your mine site to be a success, so do we. With many other mining equipment engineers and suppliers based in Johannesburg and the surrounds, we set out to show what sets APT apart and makes us different.

APT was created not as a competitor to pre-existing companies, but as a solution to fill the void that existed in the mining industry. What we wanted to create was a company that offered exactly what was required by the customer, no compromise.

In a market that relies heavily upon technology that has stood the test of time, very few are willing to challenge what was, and create what is. APT took this as an opportunity to not only look for new solutions to solve ongoing metallurgical problems, but to develop new processes within our industry. Equipped with in-house laboratories, our own manufacturing facilities and a highly innovative design team, APT has created mineral processing equipment and solutions that are far superior to what is out there. But that isn’t enough for us. We have a continuously running Research and Development team to keep our ideas active, and ensure that our technology is constantly at the forefront of the industry.

You may ask how we manage to apply this formula in such a dwindling time for the mining industry. Market trends have changed in such a way that the mining industry is no longer looking toward mass production as the investment simply isn’t there. Rather what prevails as the up and coming are the smaller, risk-averse projects and this is where our fundamental formula will always hold steadfast. There is still a significant amount of activity in this sector and a demand for simple efficient solutions that are fast to get moving and wont set you back immensely on the financial side. We see this as an opportunity for us to deliver our sustainable business solutions to the customer, from start to finish.


We do the entire package and are able to follow your ore from testwork, through the design phase, into manufacture, installation and commissioning, all while maintaining close contact with the customer. In a fragile market there is no room for mistakes. We like to offer the security that we are looking after you to the best of our ability. We aren’t a company that goes by the books, running on routine rather than innovation. We continuously think out the box, and tailor our solutions to each individual customer to ensure that what we offer is the best that they can get. We employ a team of highly skilled, experienced engineers in conjunction with some well-educated, fresh faces to keep the new ideas and innovation alive. This gives us a powerful capability to deliver a quality, advanced solution in the shortest possible time and at highly competitive rates.