Mercury Remediation on Contaminated Mining Sites Possible with APT's GoldKacha


Leading from our previous article congratulating Zimbabwean mineral testwork laboratory, Peacocke & Simpson, for their achievement in gaining their ISO 9001:2015 certification, we wanted to show an example of the work we have had done in our research and development phase and the significance of it today. This particular testwork report was done in 2010 to establish whether mercury remediation on contaminated mining sites was possible with the APT GoldKacha and if so, to what extent. The whole report can be viewed here, but we have also given a basic summary of the results below. The question: 'is mercury remediation on contaminated mining sites possible with APT's GoldKacha concentrator?' 

The answer: 'A 380kg typical mine tailings sample mixed with 50g mercury was subjected to gravity concentration using a Goldkacha Concentrator to investigate mercury recovery from dump tailings sample. Mercury recovery was 99.4% into Goldkacha concentrates of 3.8% by mass. The mercury recovery was achieved while the Goldkacha was running at a relatively low speed of 71 rpm.' 

The results showed that the GoldKacha was a significant step forward in not only mercury free, but also mercury remediation solutions. Since then, APT have embarked on several mercury free initiatives with several well-known entities and we continue to develop our work and improve upon existing solutions.The GoldKacha, for example, has been developed to suit multiple environments; it is available as a solar powered plant and is also available as the Goldilox, a fully automated solution which allows you to safely store all gold bearing material as soon as it has been recovered.

The options and opportunities are endless and we at APT continuously strive to push the limits and set the bar for the future of mining. The video below gives just a glimpse into the work that we are doing globally.


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