Mining Equipment Testimonials: what our clients have to say


Mining equipment testimonials are hugely important to us; not only do they give future clients peace of mind and some idea of what to expect from our company in the future, but they also make us as mining equipment engineers and suppliers feel good about the work that we have put in, affording the motivation for us to improve and always strive to do the best we can. Here's what a few of our our valued clients have had to say:

"We’ve used an RG30 scrubber for some time now. The scrubber breaks down tenacious clay and screens all fines to the GoldKacha concentrator which we find extremely efficient. A winning combination, thank you APT."

H. Jenkins (CEO, Goldchip Investments)

"I have had an amazing couple of days watching the recovery  circuit being installed. Special thanks to Mark and his team and I must commend them on their work ethics but most importantly their joyous attitude. Mark has a special group of Lads. I have had a chat with my guys to ensure that our plant attains the same high level that Mark and his team have set. We certainly feel comfortable with having entrusted your company with the recovery circuit and are very anxious to get the setup commissioned. Once again thank you."


"We constructed two TriTanks at our Eldorado mine to retreat tailings. The plant operated for 7 years and was the least problematic of any plant I have ever built and worked. We never dug out a tank. After a power cut, usually not more than 30 minutes, the plant was re-started and within minutes the pulp was back in suspension. Agitation was superb resulting in rapid dissolution and effective washing of the carbon off the horizontal carbon screens. In conclusion, the triangular agitator is far superior to anything that has ever been built."

J. Skinner (Previously Group Projects Manager for Lonrho)

 mining equipment testimonials

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their continued support and we look forward to working with you on future mining projects!

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