Watermaster: the full mining solution!


Looking for a mining dredge? Watermaster, the full mining solution, may just be the machine for you. This nifty device is smart and caters to multiple needs; it can be utilized in construction projects, restore shallow waterways, prevent floods, clean the environment, and, most importantly to us in the mining industry, it can maintain and clean industrial and mining ponds.

As noted on the Watermaster website, "the system relies on its suction dredging capabilities and independent moving capabilities. It is easy to transport to the site on a trailer and from there the dredger simply walks into the pool by itself. In the pool, it moves with its own propulsion system and can also move to another pool by using its excavator assembly and spuds. It can pump the mass into another pool up to 1,5 kilometres away. By backhoe work it can build and repair the pool banks" (text taken from Watermaster, found here: http://www.watermaster.fi/applications).

So where does Watermaster fit in with APT’s equipment? The smart dredge recovers valuable ore from both tailings and drainage ponds and feeds this material directly into our processing circuit via the renown APT RG Scubber. Within, the material is washed and screened to remove organics, before passing into the designated downstream recovery circuit. This dredging technology allows the client combine what would have required a number of different stages and processes into a short and simple feeding solution.

Contact us here for further information and view the Watermaster here.