Mine Equipment Demonstration: on site with APT's Zimbabwe Agency


Zimbabwean Agents for APT recently took our RDGK to a site near the capital city, Harare, to run a mine equipment demonstration for no less than 70 small to medium scale miners. This demonstration was not only so that APT's plant quality and efficiency could be seen by all, but also as an opportunity to spread awareness of who APT are and what we have to offer in the mining industry today. The simplicity and efficiency of the RDGK design made for a smooth, hassle free demonstration from the Zimbabwean team of 2. We thank them for their efforts in leading a successful day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

mine equipment demonstration

If you want to know more about the plant that was on show, we have several videos on our YouTube channel, which you can view here. In a nutshell, the RDGK is a hard rock grinder with a GoldKacha concentrator incorporated into the design. The plant requires -40mm feed which is then crushed down to 100% -2mm. Hard rock is fed by hand into the top of the plant and is then ground to dust. This feed is then passed via gravity into the GoldKacha concentrator, where the gold-bearing concentrates are produced and subsequently prepared for final upgrade and smelting.

APT also have a portable version of the RDGK, the RDGK-T, seen below and in the videos linked above. Both plants have the same concepts and recovery rates, although the RDGK-T is set up neatly on a trailer, equipping you will all the tools necessary to go to site, start mining right away and then easily move with your mineral resource.

mobile mining equipment

Should you wish to know more about our mine equipment demonstrations, please email us at info@aptprocessing.com and we'll be happy to host you! We can do a variety of demonstrations equipping you and other miners with the tools required to mine in the safest, most efficient way to make the most of your mineral resource.