EQUIPMENT FOR START UP MINERS: What is APT's GroundBreaker Division?


Mining in the best of circumstances is challenging. You may have a mine, but how do you get the optimum value from your resource? This is where the GroundBreaker division of APT can step in to get you started. Many have become well familiarized with the APT GroundBreaker range, but for those who have just come to find us, it would be fitting to define what this range is. When speaking of the GroundBreaker division, we are referring to a range of equipment which enables anyone to start and advance in their mining development, with low start-out capital and room to grow. Firstly there are the artisanal miners who are facing various challenges and need equipment that can empower them to establish a future for themselves, then there are small scale miners looking to start on a low capital and grow through their own profit, those who are starting out in mining, those who need small scale mining equipment that is simple to use but gives efficient recovery and lastly, miners and exploration geologists who need to explore their resource. All of the above are looking for equipment that is cost effective, yet uncompromising on quality and efficiency. The GroundBreaker range has employed a minimalist design over the years with no extra complication but tough on build, this has led to this range being any small miners wish come true.

mining trailer

The equipment within the GroundBreaker range is available through a variety of sizes with suitable throughput capacities. The plants are robust and fully mobile, having been skid or wheel mounted for easy translocation. All of the GroundBreaker products are designed around our principle of ‘Modular Mineral Processing’, where we supply mix and match equipment to suit every situation and resource. Small scale miners, in particular have found it possible to grow their operations by starting with GroundBreaker modules and progressing through to medium and even larger scale mining equipment.

kettle smelter smelted gold

At the same time, the GroundBreaker range of equipment is in line with our started policy, entirely mercury free and environmentally caring. Good for you, good for your workers and good for the environment. The range was not designed to replace mercury, but rather to be as or more efficient and effective than the mercury alternative, thus a more attractive solution. Material can be processed efficiently, meaning higher recovery and better return. GroundBreaker equipment can be bought and set up as toll units which miners can rent for the processing of their material.

alluvial recovery

For miners starting out or serving exploration purposes, its portability is another factor. Plants are available in trailered and skid base versions, easily and swiftly disassembled, moved and reassembled. In some cases, there is no need for disassembly and re- assembly at all as everything is already set up as it should be. This range covers the entire spectrum of resources from alluvial to hard rock, and over a bouquet of minerals (some being; gold, tantalite, tine, chromite) with equipment designed to cater for the need.

fully mobile mining equipment

Finally, you are not alone! You can access  the APT technical team, who will advise you and guide you through the planning of every step from test work, financial  and site planning, purchase of equipment and development of your mine. We have a dedicated GroundBreaker division who are involved in every step of the research and development, design and engineering phases. They know the equipment thoroughly, and are able to help you as required.

Contact us here with any queries, we are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!