Small Scale Hard Rock Grinder and Upgrade Plant: APT RocSmasha


APT  have added an innovative, cost effective  new product to their Groundbreaker Range with this small scale hard rock grinder, the Roc Smasha. This small scale hard rock grinder offers a much larger range of miners the option of mechanical grinding. This means that more material can be processed increasing the probability for successful results. Its simple but functional design ensures easy use and maintenance features. The RocSmasha is portable and offers dry and wet grinding options, wet grinding ensuring no dust contamination on the environment following APT’s environmentally conscience philosophy. The RocSmasha is sold alongside the APT GoldMasta gold sluice as well as 2 panning dishes, making this a complete, affordable gold liberation kit. Interchangeable screen cartridge for ware replacement and tuning is provided. This small scale hard rock grinder plant can be purchased on APT's online store here, and more can be read about it on our website here. The RocSmasha small scale hard rock grinder has a maximum feed size of 20mm with a throughput of 50-100kg/h. Portability makes it perfect for moving from site to site either for small scale production or exploration. A 3kW Gasoline engine drive means low energy consumption. The hard rock material is fed through the feed chute using a small shovel or by hand, it is then crushed to size. The hard rock is reduced by RocSmasha’s unique offset blade hammers ensuring a high  kinetic impact and “early liberation” of free gold  from the inherent fracture planes, further reduction grind is imparted through the grinding path within the easy change screen plate cassette.

The wet slurry discharge  is fed onto a GoldMasta Sluice over the unique APT GoldMatt ensuring very efficient recovery of free gold, (the APT GoldMatt being washed out at intervals for  free gold collection). This small scale hard rock grinder plant is the perfect affordable mining solution.

For minerals such as tantalite, tin, tungsten etc. the screen plate cassette aperture can be changed easily to suit mineral type and a special type of vortex matting is placed in the sluice tray for best recovery of  these minerals.

small scale hard rock grinderimg_8309