Entry level mining’s new dynamics: An artisanal approach


Mining across the globe has for very many years been stuck in a time warp at entry level. Most entry level artisanal miners are still relying on archaic methods of processing despite major technological advancement in this field. This is due to many factors. These artisanals have little spare means and in many cases may rely on milling centres that may employ low recovery up front methods. Of course there are other parameters that dictate mineral processing at this level. Such as seasonal mining, to suit climatic and agricultural needs. Often we see that artisanal miners drop mining for agriculture or vice versa, as and when the season suits. If they do it is usually because they may not have time to undertake both. With this in mind, APT have developed a range of entry level mineral processing systems that can save the artisanal miner much time and thus ensure that both mining and agricultural practice can be employed concurrently. Not only is this vital aspect is addressed, but also the mineral processing will be cleaner and more efficient. Sure there is the cost factor up front for such new processing that could balk artisanal miners. They do quickly grasp the benefits in recovery and time, and with correct guidance are able to embrace the new methods.


There are a number of ways where the APT Groundbreaker technology can be incorporated into Artisanal Mining operations, which will benefit communities and the environment as a whole. Let’s go over these briefly; enter the junior mining companies that require good corporate social responsibility programmes. And, the entrepreneur who has access to means, who may well be in a position to assist and offer a synergistic arrangement that benefits both the entrepreneur and the artisanal miners. Or, environmental and aid organisations, that are looking at best practices in the field. Equally, the artisanal miners can, themselves, consider forming cooperatives to offer best practice processing centres on a combined level.

APT are always available to discuss the benefits of their product range, which can be configured to each miners particular needs. This includes gravity gold and silver processing, on surface oxides (mercury free), or coltan in surface resource, tin, chromite and gemstones. We want interact with the miners for the benefit of mining communities as a whole. We assure you of our whole hearted effort to ensure correct and optimum processes are delivered.

Obviously all the aspects mentioned above require commitment in the form of financial input and in, field participation and work. APT are open to discussing your needs. Foremost is the fact that the entry level miner usually exists on both agricultural and mining for a living, moving between one or the other as the weather dictates.

Over the past few years, APT has been steadily proving up and entering into the market a range of innovative minerals processing equipment, specifically aimed at artisanal miners which will improve the efficiency, profitability and environments efficacy of their operations. Having identified the need for this technology, APT have done numerous field and laboratory trials ensuring optimum environmental and recovery methods.