Modular: Smart Not Small!


APT are specialists in the engineering and supply of modular mineral processing plants that begin at a very small mining scale, and increase in size and capacity to suit mid-tier and larger mining developments. A common misconception that we come across is that the term ‘modular’ means small in size and capacity, when in actuality, modular is simply providing an efficient, effective and enhanced solution in a compact and neat package, without any unnecessary extras. Engineering and design of these plants is done with precision, and we have been doing this for many years to date. Winston Churchill once said “if I had more time I would have written a shorter letter”, and we share in his sentiments. Today, equipment has to be effective in the optimum size package possible, with increased quality and efficiency. Time is of the essence, and waiting years to begin production is simply no longer feasible. The market changes, prices and currencies fluctuate which increase the risk. With innovation, precise attention to detail and engineering smarts, we are able to provide you with modular mineral processing plants starting with a throughput of only 3tph, right through to 250tph and numerous sizes in between. While we do have standard equipment, we always take into account our clients’ needs

It is well-known that APT is very well established for its economic, entry level plants, but the company is equally at home producing far larger capacity offerings, within the modular design. In many instances, the entry level plants simply help you to start somewhere in a feasible manner, and grow more easily from that point. It does not mean you have to start small in any way, you can begin at a much larger scale too.

  Gravity Tower and Knelson Concentrator      CIL TriTank

A case in point is the recently secured 120tph cassiterite processing plant, in which a milestone was reached launching the company to the next level. Cyanidation plants have also grown, as attested by the photographs above of an APT gravity tower with Knelson concentrator and Acacia Reactor, alongside 2 x 450 cubic meter CIL tanks. These CIL tanks are the epitome of our modular design, as conventional cyanidation tanks are more exploitive of the environment, use more building materials and others, you can read up on the benefits of these modular tanks here. The above plant also includes elution and smelting facilities to complete the package.

Below is a large 80tph capacity RG800 scrubber being delivered to site, the third largest in the APT range behind the RG800HD 120tph capacity and the RG2500 250tph capacity. Modular, simple, efficient and all designed with smarts.

Transporting Modular Mining Equipment