"It's A Real Fairtrade GoldKacha"- Greg Valerio (Jeweller & Activist www.valeriojewellery.com) shares his views on the GoldKacha


Artisanal mining activist Greg Valerio (jeweller and activist www.valeriojewellery.com) shared one woman's experience using the APT GoldKacha and we are proud to now share it with you. The GoldKacha was created specifically for exploration purposes and artisanal mining/start-up mining development. Mr Valerio has seen first-hand the impact that the GoldKacha has, and its potential to influence the small-scale mining sector. Below is a the short article that Mr Valerio wrote on his blog, www.gregvalerio.com, featuring a video of one of the miners speaking of how the GoldKacha has impacted the lives of herself and those around her. This makes us proud to see hard work paying off and helping others, thank you Mr Valerio for sharing this with us.

"In this short video interview, the wonderful charismatic Josephine Aguti explains the social impact that the GoldKacha will have on the community in Busia, Uganda.

artisanal mining activist  Women from TIIRA Women’s Mining COOP in Busia Region, Uganda.

It is not rocket science, it is the simple walk of fair trade in jewellry transforming lives through friendships that seek economic and social justice for us all."