Modular Testwork Facilities now available: APT launches Field Assay Laboratory


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Field assay laboratories flyer cover

APT is proud to announce the addition of a fully equipped modular testwork facilities, the field assay laboratory, to its range of modular minerals process solutions. As with all APT plants, these laboratories are pre-specified and supplied in “quick-fit” kit form to allow rapid manufacturing on site and to make them quickly and easily trans-locatable for exploration companies.

APT is initially launching 3 variants of laboratory, all of which are housed in a 9 x 9 m open-sided roof structure with drop-down sides to take advantage of breezes in hot climates, and provide protection against the elements when required. The structure is pre-wired with plug ‘n’ play electrical reticulation and pressurized water distribution systems, and where necessary instrument air systems, all part of APT supply. The customer simply needs to supply a slab on which the structure is erected by an APT team, add water to the tank and power to the distribution board, or alternatively diesel to the APT-supplied gen-set.

All lab variants also include a purpose-design, insulated, vented and air-conditioned containerised section for wet chemistry, final analysis and sterile conditions.

Each lab type includes sample preparation from jaw crushing to pulverising, sample splitting and pressure filtration of pulp samples. These sections are housed in the main shed, with water washdown points, wet areas, shelving and sample storage, etc. The diversification begins downstream of sample preparation.

The GOLD EXPLORATION MODULE is supplied with milling and gravity concentration equipment to deal with and account for nugget effect, and bottle-roll BLEG systems with AA Spectra finish, at up to 200 samples per day. The field lab deals only with recoverable gold, but BLEG residues can be sampled for off-site assay to provide a recoverable gold/total gold factor.

The GOLD LEACH PLANT MODULE takes the exploration module one step further with the inclusion of activated carbon assay and equipment for monitoring of gold leach plant operation.

The NON-GOLD MODULE is provided with EDAX X-Ray Fluorescence analytical facilities for dealing with a wide range of elements from base metals to industrial minerals. Detection limits vary, and for very low-grade applications APT can supply concentration systems to allow target elements in ores or soils to be upgraded to detectable ranges. After all, if it doesn’t upgrade in a lab, it’s not going to upgrade in a plant, so pack the lab and move to the next target.

All APT FIELD ASSAY LABORATORIES have several sub-systems in common, allowing APT to use top quality equipment at competitive prices, and making the modules accessible to even modest mining and exploration operations. Gone are the days of drilling or digging or sampling, and then waiting days or weeks for result. APT puts the power of quick-turnaround assays into your hands.

field assay laboratory