From the Perspective of an APT Agent: APT As A Business Proposition For My Clients

sell mining equipment "Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) provides us with the tools, equipment and manpower to complete the puzzle and sell mining equipment worldwide". GCA is aimed at providing all-inclusive solutions to our clients, whether it’s a large scale operation that needs a piece of equipment or a small scale start up that needs a complete processing plant. Our services begin with testwork and run all the way up to process design, equipment specification and selection as well as plant commissioning and training. Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) provides us with the tools, equipment and manpower to complete the puzzle. When GCA presents APT solutions to clients, we aren’t presenting a process plant alone but an investment.

APT provides us with the physical building blocks in project development such the complete modular mineral processing plants enabling us to sell mining equipment that includes the whole story. Included in our collaboration, APT looks at project development from a financial standpoint. Each project is backed by financial modelling from APT to establish key financial indicators of the project such as return on investment, payback periods, etc. The GCA-APT collaboration has shown great success in small scale mineral recovery throughout Africa.

Our standpoint around APT plants is that they are an investment and not just a means to an end. Many projects spend exorbitant amounts on research, exploration and deposit analysis. We believe that redirecting only a portion of those funds to an APT plant from the onset would enable our clients to start recovering gold from day one while gathering mineral information about the deposit. This enables clients to start earning money from inception of the project whilst achieving an efficient pay back. Generating the much needed cash to fund the further development of the project.

A business grows as it becomes more successful, we regard APT plants in the same manner. APT plants are made up of many building blocks with the FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator at the heart of the process. The adaptability of APT plants allows you to add on extra process components as the wealth of your project grows. APT has off the shelf designs in ranges of affordability, size and deposit composition i.e. hard rock, alluvial etc. Building block like components include hard rock modules, concentrators, scrubbers, modular cyanidation system (CIP/CIL Tritank), shaking tables (Gemini Table) and complete modular gold rooms. Once a deposit has been exhausted the APT plants can be easily moved to another resource location and can be used interchangeably for a large range of heavy minerals i.e. gold, silver, platinum, copper and so on.

- Martin Meyer

Gravity Concentrators Africa

If you are looking to sell mining equipment in your location and make a profit through simply having connections, APT have distributor opportunities available. Please contact us and we can give you all the details. We look forward to hearing from you!