The combination of the RG100 with the Knelson MD12 concentrator is an excellent match. Even the most stubborn clays are disintegrated by the autogenous scrubbing action in the drum section (assuming correct feed rate), and this plant combo is excellent for processing of eluvial and alluvial ores, especially smaller high value deposits.
— J. Duguid (Managing Director, Stillram Mining Co.p/l)
  • Gravity separation mining equipment has been perfected and is here! APT modular mining equipment engineers and suppliers, Peacocke & Simpson mineral testwork laboratory and FLSmidth Knelson product and service providors have all conducted extensive tests and research into the Knelson (gravity separator) range to ensure optimum processes are delivered to our customers.

  • Proven it's high recoveries through rigorous testing and in the field.

  • A world-renown solution boasting high-grade concentrate recovery.

  • No harmful chemicals, such as mercury, are required.


  • Please contact us for a thorough list of specifications.