• Simple and cost effective 

  • Utilizes top quality components and design to deliver consistent high performance.

  • Based upon the Open Zadra (non pressurized) system, the Elu-X is simple to operate and safe to use. The electrowinning section utilizes APT’s cylindrical Kebab cells for high efficiency and ease of use. 

  • Especially made for the smaller elution applications and is available as a single Elu-X 270 (270kg carbon) that is suited to APT’s TriTank TT20, and TT40 models and as a twin configuration Elu-X 540 that is suitable for APT’s TT80.


APT Elu-X 270 

  • Carbon Capacity: 270kg - Heating Power: 8kw - Magnetically coupled pump (leak free) - Stainless steel pipe fittings - Temperature thermostat and indicator - Solution Volume: 6cubic metres - Circulation rate up to 3 bed volumes per hour - Thermally lagged for good heat retention - 2 x APT Kebab electrowinning cells with 250 amp DC rectifier - Typical elution cycle: 2 days