Automated Medium Scale Centrifugal Concentrator: GK-X is here!

Over the months, our Research & Development team has been working on our new gem, GK-X; a fully automated and secure medium scale centrifugal concentrator. GK-X takes our GoldKacha one step further delving into a whole new realm, changing the game for medium scale miners.

For any sceptics out there, let’s talk the details. GK-X incorporates modern materials that are wear resistant and rust free. The advanced flow design with the unique rounded cone base progressively accelerates the feed material resulting in earlier G acquisition in the lower cone section. High recoveries of even fine gold is achieved. The GK-X incorporates a simple yet effective automation system for hands-free harvesting of the concentrates on a pre-set interval. The unit is fully fluidised but achieves this without a water jacket. Silt deposition is far less than in a jacketed system and cleaning is quick and easy without having to remove the bowl. All cones wear, but in the case of the GK-X, repair is far easier as the whole rotating assembly is disposable and is simply replaced at a reasonable cost.

The cherry on the top of the GK-X is the initial cost, allowing for quick return on investment and greater profits from the start.

GK-X Release