Mining Terms You Need To Know!

Mining terms are sometimes misunderstood or unknown in different regions, or you may be entirely new to the industry and just want to get in the know. APT have been collecting useful information, rules of thumb and calculators together for you to use to make your mining operation run smoother, be more profitable and informed. We hope that you enjoy using this resource! If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to receive more advanced knowledge, please email us. We do simplify our website to make it easier for those new to the industry to understand how it all works, so this is by no means a reflection of what our team is capable of. If you wish to see a little more of our approach to solving problems in the industry or more technical solutions, either email us on or have a look through our mining blog. The APT way of doing things is unique and these articles are a reflection of the professionals that make up who we are and where we fit into the engineering and mining world, so don't miss this insightful opportunity! 

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